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Watch: Morano on OAN TV explains how Biden’s $11b ‘rural electrification’ plan is ‘a money laundering scheme for the green agenda’ – ‘Billions will go into the hands of bureaucrats & donors’

Climate Depot Founder On ‘Team Biden’ & The Radical Climate Agenda – OAN TV – In Focus w/ Alison Steinberg – Broadcast May 18, 2023 

Rough Transcript:

Morano: This whole idea of electrifying rural areas, this $11 billion program goes back in the 1930s under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR had the Rural Electrification Admin which actually brought running water, electricity infrastructure to rural America. This was a serious effort to bring a big boost to a way of life to rural people, to bring them into the modern age. And it’s weird that they’re calling this green bill a electrify rural America almost like an homage to the old bill.

Biden-Harris Administration Makes Historic, $11 Billion Investment to Advance Clean Energy Across Rural America Through Investing in America Agenda – This represents the single largest investment in rural electrification since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Rural Electrification Act into law in 1936.

Biden Regime Announces $11 Billion Investment to Tackle Climate Change

Morano: The problem is, this is literally a money laundering scheme for the green agenda. That’s all this is. $11 billion to do more solar and wind which isn’t going to produce energy. At best, it’s going to make a few makeshift government jobs that expire when the money for the solar and wind mandates. We’ve already been through this with Obama administration when Solyndra was booming business until it wasn’t when the money ran out. And so they’re going to make their grids less reliable, more prone to blackouts. This is truly nuts, but they’re going to be spending these billions of dollars and it’s going to go into all the hands of the ‘right people’. And what I mean by that are the bureaucrats, the well-connected donors, all the investors, that’s the ‘right people’. As you mentioned, Alison, the people living in rural America aren’t going to be benefiting,they’re only going to be getting higher energy costs, less electricity, more prone to blackouts. And this is the green agenda literally in action.

Morano on CBS promoting insect eating to fight climate change: The most shocking part of this whole story was when they said a solution to the global food crisis. Newsflash, there is no global food crisis that has anything to do with climate change. And there wasn’t a global food crisis pre-COVID. Now we have the developing world that has problems getting food because of government supply chain interruptions and all the crushing of economic liberty and growth from lockdowns.

Climate policy creates food shortages — which then they can say, ‘well, here’s a solution to the problem we created with our policy, you have to eat bugs, and it’s a game changer of a problem’. We’ve been farming for thousands of years. And if you think big agri-chemical farming is a problem, that’s one thing, a lot of people might think that,  — but what their solution is — if you look at what’s happening in Europe, they’re crushing small family-run generations of independent farmers in Europe to meet Net Zero climate goals. All the while telling us that we’re gonna have to eat Z-bugs! And that’s what 60 minutes is dutifully reporting here, is that eating bugs is inevitable. They’re they’re giving insects as psyops to kids in elementary schools in Australia and Europe. They’re giving them bugs so they can go home and, quote, pester their parents. This is a real thing. They’re pushing insect eating on us by manufacturing a food crisis through bad government policy.