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An offer you can’t refuse?! Biden to pay Americans $840 to ditch gas stoves, Energy Dept says – Will you take climate cash to ‘save the planet’?!

By Addison Smith

The Energy Department plans to offer cash to Americans to get rid of their gas-flamed stoves, in the Biden administration’s larger effort to transition the country from fossil fuel to so-called green energy.

The offer was made in a department announcement released Thursday and titled “Making the Switch to Induction Stoves or Cooktops” – the same day Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told Congress there is no federal push to phase out the gas stoves.

The announcement states 70% of people are willing to consider transitioning over to electric or induction-powered stovetops, and that each is willing to pay more than $800 each if they do.

It also states: “While not yet available, President Biden’s Investing in America plan will soon allow many Americans that replace their gas or conventional electric cooktop with an induction cooktop will be eligible for rebates up to $840.”

The same day, Granholm told the Republican-led House Energy and Commerce Committee neither Biden nor her agency is “banning any gas stoves.”

“We are doing our duty to make sure that appliances are more energy efficient as we are required to do under the Energy Policy Conservation Act of 1975,” Granholm said. “Nobody’s taking my gas stove. Nobody will take your gas stove.”

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