BBC: ‘What would a flying-free world look like?’ ‘Fresh fruits & veggies…would disappear from supermarkets in winter’ – ‘Huge adjustments’ in ‘supply chains’ – ‘It’s about when — not if’

BBC Future: “Posing this hypothetical question opens up the door to what we could be doing far more of to reduce aviation’s heavy impact on the climate. … How would this new world without airplanes affect people around the globe?  Holidays would mostly need to be done in places accessible by train, bus, car and […]

Watch: Biden’s Deputy Energy Sec. evades Sen John Kennedy’s climate questions – ‘If we spent $50 trillion…by 2050…how much is that going to reduce world temps?’ by Ron Clutz From Daily Caller:  Biden Official Speechless After John Kennedy Grills Him On Simple Question Department of Energy Deputy Secretary David Turk testified Wednesday before the Senate committee on appropriations to discuss the 2024 budget request for the Department of Energy. Kennedy noted the budget requests a 38% increase in green energy funding while cutting nuclear energy funding with barely an […]

Mass transit unhealthy!? NYC subways have ‘alarmingly high’ pollution levels – 3 times higher than EPA standards, study finds By Jacob Geanous Scientists have found “alarmingly high” concentrations of potentially toxic particles in the air in New York City subway stations. New York University researchers surveyed 271 platforms in December 2021 and found levels of airborne iron particles were a staggering 126 times more than the outdoor average, according to a paper published last […]

Govt Panel: Germany should create ‘climate passport’ for refugees – A ‘climate card’ & a ‘climate work visa’ would offer ‘permanent residency’

  Germany should create ‘climate passport’ for refugees – expert council Clean Energy Wire, 10 May 2023 Germany should introduce a ‘climate passport’ for people displaced by the effects of climate change, an independent government advisory panel has proposed in its annual report. The Expert Council on Integration and Migration (SVR) said that Germany, as a […]

An offer you can’t refuse?! Biden to pay Americans $840 to ditch gas stoves, Energy Dept says – Will you take climate cash to ‘save the planet’?! By Addison Smith The Energy Department plans to offer cash to Americans to get rid of their gas-flamed stoves, in the Biden administration’s larger effort to transition the country from fossil fuel to so-called green energy. The offer was made in a department announcement released Thursday and titled “Making the Switch to Induction Stoves or […]

Politico: Biden rule tells power plants to cut CO2 by 90% — or shut down By ALEX GUILLÉN 05/11/2023 05:01 AM EDT The Biden administration is announcing a climate rule that would require most fossil fuel power plants to slash their greenhouse gas pollution 90 percent between 2035 and 2040 — or shut down. The highly anticipated regulation being unveiled Thursday morning is just the latest step in President Joe Biden’s campaign […]

Dishwashers join growing list of appliances targeted by Biden admin – Refrigerators, gas furnaces & stoves, Washing machines, & Light bulbs By Addison Smith Critics fear administration’s “energy efficiency standards” for household appliances will raise costs, reduce performance, kill jobs, disproportionately impact low-income families. Last week, President Biden’s Department of Energy (DOE) announced “Congressionally-mandated proposed standards” for household dishwashers. In announcing the proposed dishwasher restrictions for Americans, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said the Biden administration is […]