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‘They’re coming for your food’: Morano warns the ‘fix is in’ and ‘restrictions’ will be next

Globalist social engineering took another step forward in New York City as Mayor Eric Adams (D) rolled out his new emissions goal that led one expert to conclude, “They’re coming for your food.”

(Video: Fox News)

Often boasting of his own “plant-based centered life,” Adams has continued to champion his lifestyle choices as the path forward for residents of the Big Apple. Last week, that included his announcement with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection that the city would be aiming to cut food-based emissions by 33 percent by the year 2030 by keeping a greenhouse gas inventory.

Joining “Fox News Tonight,” Marc Morano, author of “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown” outlined the slippery slope such an endeavor was careening down.

“First they came for your energy. Then they came for your gas-powered cars, your freedom of movement, your cheap flights,” he contended. “Now they’re coming for your food.”

Adams’ commitment, which saw him partnering with mayors from cities around the world, set forth a goal of “reducing the city’s food-based emissions at agencies by 33 percent by 2030 and challenging our private sector partners to join us by cutting their food emissions by 25 percent in the same time period.”

The seeds of this had already been planted when Hizzoner had made plant-based meals the primary option at schools and hospitals despite being cornered on his own departures from meatless options. He asserted, “We already know that a plant-powered diet is better for your physical and mental health, and I am living proof of that. But the reality is that thanks to this new inventory, we’re finding out it is better for the planet.”

“They will be monitoring what you eat,” Morano told host Brian Kilmeade of the planned inventory that aligned with the ideals of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scoring. “What’s coming next are the restrictions. We are already seeing it globally with a net-zero commitment. They’re going after high-yield agriculture trying to collapse them. We saw the disaster in Sri Lanka. You also have Bill Gates…America’s number one single farmland owner and his goal is to get us to eat his billions of dollars invested in lab-grown synthetic beef made from the stem cells of animals and literally put in a steel vat and printed on a 3D printer. Not making that up. The fix is in.”

As previously reported, Sri Lanka had been thrown into turmoil leading to mobs overtaking the presidential palace last July when inflation had hit a record 54.6 percent. Insistence on using environmentally-friendly organic farming practices through the banning of chemical fertilizers had cut the country’s production by half during a period of supply chain disruption. The resulting food shortages compounded economic turmoil leading to the unrest.


“This is crazy. What this is is a revolution of the powers that be,” Morano continued as elitists dictate how the rest of society should live. “They’re always looking for reasons why the rest of us can’t be free. So now they’re going after rice production — there’s a big story in major media about rice causing all this global warming and emissions — they’re going after the meat — it’s a way to make everything a problem in a climate of urgency. So therefore, they have to be in charge of all this food. They’re not really gonna try to ban it, but they wanna take over the means of production so that the rest of us don’t destroy the Earth.”

“We have to be managed,” he asserted the position was. “And that’s what we’re looking at.”

“This will only happen if we allow it. They’re going after our modern diet. You will eat nothing and be happy according to this plan,” Morano noted.