Hundreds of scientists blast ‘zealots’ pushing plant-based diets, argue meat is crucial for health By Isabel Keane Hundreds of scientists have banded together to blast the push to adopt a plant-based diet, arguing that meat is critical to a well-balanced diet — and warning against villainizing carnivores. Experts behind nine new research papers published in Animal Frontiers are among nearly 1,000 signatures on a declaration looking to prove the value […]

Axios: Companies are laying low on ESG as backlash intensifies – ‘Companies don’t want to talk about their ESG goals anymore’

Companies are laying low on ESG as backlash intensifies Axios, 20 April 2023 Companies don’t want to talk about their environmental, social and governance goals anymore, experts in ESG and communications tell Axios. Why it matters: Promoting ESG policies was once an easy layup to score good press — and theoretically move toward bettering society — but now it’s […]

Bloomberg News: ‘Electric vehicle boom may force China to burn more dirty coal’

5) Electric vehicle boom may force China to burn more coal Bloomberg, 20 April 2023 Expanding coal-fired power is China’s “only real option in the short term” to meet rising electricity demand, including from new energy vehicles, according to ANZ Group. “Power shortages are likely to reemerge as the acceleration in the energy transition continues […]

The inhumanity of the green agenda: The ‘sustainability’ regime is impoverishing the world – ‘Live in ever smaller dwelling units, less mobility, & to endure more costly’ energy By JOEL KOTKIN ‘Man is the measure of all things’, Greek philosopher Protagoras wrote over 2,500 years ago. Unfortunately, our elites today tend not to see it that way. In recent years, the overused word ‘sustainability’ has fostered a narrative in which human needs and aspirations have taken a back seat to the green […]

MIT analysis: EV batteries production ‘more material-intensive than producing traditional combustion engines’ – ‘For every tonne of mined lithium, 15 tonnes of CO2 are emitted into the air’

Also see: Ask MIT Climate: “Are electric vehicles definitely better for the climate than gas-powered cars?”  – Yes: although electric cars’ batteries make them more carbon-intensive to manufacture than gas cars, they more than make up for it by driving much cleaner under nearly any conditions. Although many fully electric vehicles (EVs) carry “zero emissions” […]

‘They’re coming for your food’: Morano warns the ‘fix is in’ and ‘restrictions’ will be next By Kevin Haggerty Globalist social engineering took another step forward in New York City as Mayor Eric Adams (D) rolled out his new emissions goal that led one expert to conclude, “They’re coming for your food.” (Video: Fox News) Often boasting of his own “plant-based centered life,” Adams has continued to champion his lifestyle […]