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Fauci regrets not imposing COVID lockdowns earlier! ‘We should have, probably’ shutdown earlier in Feb 2020 ‘if we knew what we know now’ Top Ten Quotes from the NYT Fauci Interview By JUSTIN HART Via Jeffrey Tucker @ Brownstone Billed as the most in-depth interview yet, the New York Times published a very long piece that contains some rather startling admissions, claims, and defenses from Anthony Fauci, the face of lockdowns and shot mandates. The author and interviewer is David Wallace-Wells, […]

UN foresaw COVID lockdowns — 4 months before they happened!? Nov 2019: UN Demands 7% Cut in CO2 emissions – Presto — By Dec 2020 CO2 Emissions down 7%!

Climate Depot Special Report  The United Nations showed prescient powers in November 2019 when they demanded that global carbon dioxide emissions be reduced 7.6% every year to meet the UN Paris climate goals. Eerily, their wish became a reality when global COVID lockdowns hit just four months later; global emissions of CO2 were reduced by […]

‘Life will be a lot colder & hungrier’ as ‘Net Zero’ morphs to ‘Absolute Zero’ – ‘Absolute Zero’ plan means no new normal cars, most airports gone, & half the beef by 2030! By Jo Nova People are waking up to the dark side of the Absolute Zero plan The totalitarian wet dreams of a UK government consortium of academics are lighting up the internet. As Benny Peiser and Andrew Montford from NetZeroWatch say — people are starting to pay attention in a big way: The realities of Net Zero are also hitting […]

Now There’s a ‘Nitrogen Crisis’ – So Hand Over Your Land BY WILL JONES The big upset in the Dutch Senate elections in March was driven by a rebellion against the Government’s latest green agenda. But, bizarrely, on this occasion it had nothing to do with CO2. Fighting just one atmospheric gas is not enough now, it seems; Western elites have also declared war on nitrogen, emissions of […]