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Watch: TBN TV Special on Great Reset features Morano: ‘The ruling classes have always tried to invent reasons why the rest of us — the unwashed masses — can’t be free’ – ‘We cannot consent tyranny’

TBN TV – What is the Great Reset – Broadcast April 17, 2023 – Host Erick Stakelbeck

Morano’s 11-minute interview begins at 3 min into 1-hour documentary.


Rough Transcript:

Erick Stakelbeck: Marc Morano, founder of climate You literally wrote the book on the Great Reset, and Marc in the book, you detail the origins of what can only be called a movement headed up today really by Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum. …

Thank you for all you’re doing to sound the alarm for all of this on The Great Reset — this is the definitive volume on this movement. Thanks for the great work, Marc.

Marc Morano on what the Great Reset is: Since civilization began, the ruling elites, the ruling classes have always tried to invent reasons why the rest of us — the unwashed masses — can’t be free.

Morano: WEF’s Klaus Schwab, in 1971, started the World Economic Forum. He came out with stakeholder capitalism, and stakeholder capitalism is the precursor essentially or another version of or another word for Environment Social and Governance or ESG. And the idea is you no longer evaluate private businesses, capitalism, free markets, on money returns, or delivering products efficiently or the bottom line. It’s now going to be evaluated on do you accept the 53 genders. Are you following Critical Race Theory? What do you think of the 1619 project? What do you think of transgender ideology, and are you following Net Zero climate goals? That’s how they measure businesses, and if you don’t meet their criteria, you don’t get favorable interest rates you may not even get a loan.  and this is how he’s trying to, so that’s had great appeal because it’s basically what China has done for decades.

Morano on China envy: Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this for decades, our ruling class Elite — when I say that again, I just want to define it — it’s the New York Times, it’s the Washington Post, it’s Academia, it’s corporate media, it’s our government bureaucrats, they have done nothing but praise one-party authoritarian rule in China. So what happened in March 2020 is the most important date for this entire change of our lifetime was the once-free West emulated one-party Chinese rule Communist Party Chinese rule. And that’s where we’ve been under these emergency decrees, and this is the reason people like Jane Fonda, the progressive activist, said, ‘COVID is God’s gift to the Left.’ It literally gave them what they lusted for by crushing our democracy and the most consequential decisions of our lifetime — whether you could go to school, have a job, open businesses, stay at home orders, canceling of weddings and funerals, medical procedures,  was all done without a single vote by anyone. It was under emergency decree by unelected bureaucrats and Presidents, Prime Ministers, Mayors, and Governors, literally issuing these executive orders, no democracy, and now they want to move that forward in the same way. They’re banning meat, high-yield agriculture, gas-powered cars, and energy, and they’re doing it all without a vote of anyone. That’s why we are literally becoming China.

Morano on possible ‘climate emergency’ declaration: Joe Biden, according to the Associated Press and the Washington Post, is ready is set to declare — he almost did it in the summer of 2022, and he may do it this year — a National Climate Emergency. The Center for Biological Diversity has estimated this will give Joe Biden 130 new executive powers of the presidency — no democracy. It’s going to be limits on flying, flying only when it’s ‘morally justifiable’ in the words of one activist during a climate emergency. More bans on gas-powered cars, accelerating the trend toward more energy restrictions, more bans on high-yield agriculture, more bans on meat eating, and the idea is to create chaos, collapse the current order, and rebuild it in their sustainable image. To totally mastermind from above.

Morano on the Great Reject: The Berlin Wall fell live on CNN, and that didn’t fall because the East German Parliament decided, ‘Oh you know 40 Years of Soviet oppression, let’s let the people be free.’ It fell because people no longer gave their consent to tyranny, and that has got to be our model going forward. We cannot consent, and we face one of the gravest threats right now in 2023 — Joe Biden is pushing the United States to get into the World Health Organization pandemic treaty, which is going to give Bill Gates-funded scientists at the World Health Organization the ability to promote instant Global lockdowns, instant stay-at-home orders, instant mask mandates, vax mandates. We would lose National sovereignty. Biden is pushing for even more than the World Health Organization is seeking.  This is perhaps the single most frightening thing going forward that we have to fight.


The Great Reset: Global Elites & The Permanent Lockdown – By Marc Morano