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Watch: Morano on TV talks Biden’s EPA ‘intentionally creating car shortages in the U.S.’ by ‘bypassing democracy’ – ‘Let’s call it what it is a gas-powered car ban’

TBN Centerpoint – Broadcast April 12, 2023


Partial Transcript:

Morano: “It’s absolutely something that democracy and Congress and our legislators should be able to do. But the whole world changed in March of 2020. With COVID. The COVID emergency declaration literally turned every governor, mayor, Prime Minister, and President across the world into a dictator overnight, and this is what they want to preserve. The idea is the most consequential decisions of our lifetime — whether you could go to church, whether you could go to school, work, whether you’re ordered to stay at home by an executive order of a governor, whether you had to cancel your medical procedures, cancel weddings, funerals — were all done without an ounce of democracy. It was done under an emergency decree. And that’s exactly what they’re keeping alive here with this car, essentially a car ban.

They’re banning gas-powered cars. That’s the goal here. Gavin Newsom started in California – then many states had trigger laws to follow suit. This is now a corporate government collusion because you have the World Bank telling automakers we’re not going to finance the creation of gas-powered cars, you have corporate banks announcing they’re not going to give out car loans for gas-powered cars. And if you’re lucky enough to still have a gas-powered car in a decade, you now have cities across the country in Colorado, and California, banning the creation of new gas stations —  to do what? To create gas shortages.

And we already know the Biden administration’s policy is creating energy shortages. So they are literally making consequential decisions about our lives without an ounce of democracy. Same thing with public health, and when they did the executive order putting masks on airplanes and trains that took almost two years for one Trump-appointed federal judge to strike it down. Who knows how much damage the Biden administration is going to do before this gets stopped in the courts, or hopefully, Republicans in Congress will stand up and stop this insane car ban. Let’s call it what it is a gas-powered car ban.

We did not get to vote on whether we wanted to ban gas-powered cars — it’s just happening to us’

Question: With these EVs, all the components, the rare earth minerals are from China, and countries that we’re not really friendly with. So how do they gain and we lose?

Morano: This is the most insane part. China now is becoming the world’s number one automaker came out of nowhere, by the way, why because of the EV mandates because of the EV subsidies and because of the banning on gas-powered cars throughout Europe, the United States.

So what we’re doing is instead of having gas-powered cars were for the sake of the planet, that EPA administrator said this is to fight the climate crisis. Each electric car battery has half a million pounds of mining material. China has a monopoly on rare earth mining lithium cobalt; they’re using it in Africa underage children in Chinese-run mines. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is banning rare earth mining in the United States and places like Minnesota and North Dakota.

You can’t even write a Hollywood script this dystopian but this is what’s being imposed upon us as we speak. And the simple way of putting it is they want to stop the American dream of freedom of movement. And there are also restrictions coming on airplanes. In 1975 Obam’s climate czar John Holdren wrote lamented how Americans could hop in their car, drive to the grocery store, buy a six-pack of beer and some soda and meat, and drive home. That was is contemptible the people who want to save the planet. And that’s where we are now. We’re empowering China by doing this, and we’re doing nothing for the planet.