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Watch: Marc Morano explains Great Reset & Covid climate connection in 20 min – Warns ‘WHO pandemic treaty’ may lead to ‘Global instant lockdowns’


Pennsylvania Leadership Conference – Harrisburg PA – March 31, 2023

Morano’s Complate PowerPoint available here:

Morano Excerpt: “They’re collapsing high-yield agriculture in the Netherlands and other places. They’re making food scarce. The Harvard public school of Health: The root causes of the climate also increase the risk of pandemics. So if you don’t support the Green New Deal, you’re a grandma killer! And that’s coming from Harvard University. This is Harvard as well. The Harvard Environment Law Review — this paper just came out this week. Climate homicide deaths for prosecuting big oil for climate deaths. Two years ago, a doctor issues the first clinically diagnosed patient with climate change — a lady suffering from heat stroke. So you can be charged with homicide; A doctor can diagnose you with climate change;  and you can now have climate as a cause of death on your death certificate. I’m not making any of this up. This is in our academic mainstream now. Of course, the last hundred years of climate change has at a 99% drop in climate-related deaths.

Now be afraid, because the Biden Administration is pushing the U.S into a pandemic treaty where it won’t matter who your Governor is, who your mayor is, this will be coming International Global instant lockdowns.”


Marc Morano of Climate Depot to Speak at 2023 PA Leadership Conference – (Harrisburg, PA) – Marc Morano, publisher of Climate Depot and author of the books Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think and The Great Reset: Global Elites & The Permanent Lockdown will speak on the politics of climate change at the 2023 Pennsylvania Leadership Conference to be held March 30 – April 1, 2023 at the Penn Harris Hotel by Wyndham (formerly the Radisson Penn Harris) in Camp Hill (Harrisburg), Pennsylvania. Fox News contributor Kellyanne Conway will be Featured Speaker at the conference dinner on Friday, March 31st.  She will be joined by Morano and Lourdes Ubieta of Americano Media as conference speakers. Additional speakers, panels and workshops will be announced over the coming weeks. & Gov. Ron DeSantis Speaks at Pennsylvania Leadership Conference