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UPDATE 21:05 CET: Berlin election office: FINAL RESULT: The Berlin referendum for a climate-neutral city by 2030 HAS FAILED RESOUNDINGLY.

Although there was a narrow majority of votes in favor, the 442,210 of “yes” votes fell far short the 25% quorum  of all eligible voters (607,518 votes) needed to make the referendum valid.

Yes: 442,210
No: 423,418

The result shows that only 18% of Berlins 2,430,000 voters cared enough to go out and vote for a measure against the “climate crisis”.


UPDATE 18:51 CET: Berlin election office, “yes” leading “no” 315,000 to 291,000, with roughly 80% of the votes counted. So it’s safe to say the Berlin referendum for climate neutrality by 2030 will fall far short of the 607,000 “yes” votes needed to pass the measure. 


UPDATE 18:51 CET: According to the Berlin election office, “yes” is leading “no” 315,000 to 291,000, with roughly 80% of the votes counted. So it’s safe to say the Berlin referendum for climate neutrality by 2030 will fall far short of the 607,000 “yes” votes needed to pass the measure. 



In the referendum in Berlin on climate neutrality, the RBB reports that 26.4 per cent of those eligible to vote had cast their ballot by 4 pm. Polling stations closed since 6 p.m.

25% of all voters (607.518) must vote “yes” in order for the initiative to be successful.


UPDATE 18:03 CET: The AP reported:

“While surveys showed Berliners narrowly in favor of the proposal, enthusiasm was muted on Saturday. A rally and concert at the city’s iconic Brandenburg Gate drew FAR FEWER than the 35,000 people organizers had hoped for.”

RBB 24 reports only “about 1,200 people” showed up. 


UPDATE 17:45 CET: Will enough Berliners even care to show up for the climate neutrality referendum?

At least 25 per cent of eligible voters will have to vote “yes”.  But at lunchtime, only 11% of voters had bothered to show up and vote. Berlin may be telling us that very few people are in fact taking the “climate crisis” seriously at all!


Germany’s ZDF reports of “little participation” by Berlin’s 2.4 million eligible voters. The state election officer announced on Sunday afternoon, only eleven per cent of those eligible to vote cast their ballots across Berlin by 12 noon. “Voting in the 2,208 Berlin polling stations has been quiet so far.”

IN ORDER FOR THE REFERENDUM TO BE VALID, “a majority of voters must vote in favour, but at least 25 per cent of eligible voters. This means that around 608,000 yes votes are needed.”


Berliners are going to the polls today in a referendum on whether or not to make the city “climate-neutral” already by 2030 instead of 2045. 

That’s quite a lofty goal for a chaotic, financially broken city that couldn’t even build an airport.

In Germany’s capital, Berliners will vote today on whether or not to adopt a measure that would force the city to become climate-neutral already by 2030. Image cropped here

Polls showing slight lead for “klimaneutral ja”.

And no campaign in Berlin has seen funding to this scale. Acc0rding to media reports, most funding has come from foreign countries, mainly from far left groups in the USA.

According to a report by online Bild here, one wealthy New York couple (Albert Wenger und Susan Danziger) even donated half a million euros to fund a campaign to get the people to vote “ja”.

Should Berliners vote to make the German capital CO2 neutral by 2030, it would mean enacting an amendment that would force the city of Berlin to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 instead of 2045. This would affect almost every aspect of Berlin life, from transportation, to heating and widescale major building renovation.

Foreign funding

The amendment is being pushed by the Green Party and radical groups like Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion, who are largely financed by foreign funders like the Climate Emergency Fund, Abigail Disney and Hollywood film director Adam McKay.

If the amendment gets adopted, immense power will be transferred a small group of unelected people, a so-called Climate Protection Council of “experts”, appointed by the Berlin Senate. Climate targets for 2045 would turn into climate legal obligations for 2030.

Huge restrictions, astronomical costs, loss of private property

Critics warn this would mean many more restrictions on freedom, Berliners might even have to say goodbye to their cars completely. Under the amendment, the Berlin airport would be a part of the climate budget. thus posing the risk of reducing the number of flights.”

Moreover property owners would be forced to make largescale, costly renovations and have to install solar panels. No one knows where the money is magically supposed to come from.

Unachievable, pie-in-the-sky

Critics are speaking up, however, calling the radical climate project “factually impossible” and “out of the question”, noting that even the original 2045 target timetable was almost impossible to meet,” Bild reports.

Recent opinion polls show the results of today’s referendum are expected to be very close, slightly tipping in favor of the referendum.

We’ll report the results this evening as they become available. 

This means there’s a good chance that the City of Berlin might well end up being an even greater basket-case than California. Somebody needs to lead the way to show the rest of the world what a folly rapid climate neutrality can be.