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UN Advisor Sophia Kianni says the quiet part out loud! ‘Remember when we treated COVID-19 like an emergency? Well it’s time to do the same for climate change’

UN Advisor Sophia Kianni says the quiet part out loud! Treat 'climate change' like COVID! Can we expect a UN push for climate lockdowns!? — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) March 28, 2023 The U.N. did not lose a beat in literally replacing Greta with another youth climate activist. The replacement to Greta, known […]

‘Climate Brides’ – Media claims ‘Pakistan’s Climate Crisis of Child Marriage’ Due to Floods – ‘Patriarchal power structures impose disproportionate climate-related harms on women & girls’ Climate Nexus: Floods Drive Increase In Number Of Pakistani Girls Sold Into Marriage – Floods Drive Increase In Number Of Pakistani Girls Sold Into Marriage: The catastrophic flooding that submerged one-third of Pakistan last year is driving an increase in the number of girls sold off as child brides there, Atmos reports. The increase, after child marriages […]

Your Future Meals Could Come From A 3D Printer ‘to combat climate-related food insecurity’, Researchers Say – ‘Food paste is squeezed through a syringe’ into 3D printer By John Hugh DeMastri Researchers are increasingly investigating 3D-printed food to boost global food production in a bid to combat climate-related food insecurity, Axios reported Friday. Although the technology is still new, with research necessary for the technique to be scaled up for both industrial or home use, some researchers see 3D-printed food as […]

‘They Offset’: John Kerry Defends Billionaires Flying Private To Davos ‘And they are working harder than most people I know to be able to try to effect this transition’ By MARY ROOKE Former Secretary of State John Kerry defended billionaires flying private jets in a Friday interview where he discussed foreign policy related to climate change. Kerry, President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, is opposed to the characterization that the ultra-wealthy are recklessly flying private planes to climate change summits, according to an interview with Yahoo News. He argued their […]

Federal Regulator Acknowledges Danger To Wildlife Caused By Offshore Wind Farms By JOHN HUGH DEMASTRICONTRIBUTOR March 26, 202311:59 AM ET FONT SIZE: A federal fisheries council acknowledged that some power cables for offshore wind turbines could harm certain fish, according to a letter seen by the DCNF. Multiple recent studies have demonstrated that a variety of commercially popular fish can be negatively impacted by their […]

BERLIN’S CLIMATE-NEUTRAL-BY-2030 REFERENDUM FAILS! By P Gosselin on 26. March 2023 Share this… BERLIN’S CLIMATE-NEUTRAL-BY-2030 REFERENDUM FAILS! UPDATE 21:05 CET: Berlin election office: FINAL RESULT: The Berlin referendum for a climate-neutral city by 2030 HAS FAILED RESOUNDINGLY. Although there was a narrow majority of votes in favor, the 442,210 of “yes” votes fell far short the 25% quorum  of all eligible voters (607,518 […]

Report: Wind industry & the gov’t colluding to mislead public about the true cost of wind energy – FOI reveals View this email in your browser Wind farms can simply ignore agreed contracts and cash in big time, FOI reveals  Press Release London, 28 March – Net Zero Watch has accused the wind industry and the government of colluding to mislead the public about the true cost of wind energy. The Government has repeatedly assured […]