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Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry rips new UN climate report ‘Summary for Policy Makers’ as ‘pure politics…weakly justified’ & ‘politicized’

‘Fire, Brimstone, & Ticking Bombs again’: UN IPCC launches 666th final final warning of climate hell: AR6 is a ‘Survival guide to humanity’

We should do ‘nothing’ about ‘global warming’ declares MIT climate scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen – ‘This is exploiting people’s ignorance to promote fear’

UN IPCC’s new report insists we can control weather & climate: ‘Whatever future we end up with is within our control’ — ‘If we act now’It “is quite clear that whatever future we end up with is within our control,” Piers Forster, who helped write one of the panel’s earlier reports, told the Times. “It is up to humanity … to determine what we end up with.”

Politico: UN ‘Shitshow’: ‘Scientists & green campaigners…upset’ that IPCC climate ‘science’ report delayed – ‘Missed the opportunity to add impetus’ to Nov 2022 Egypt summit