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Politico: UN ‘Shitshow’: ‘Scientists & green campaigners…upset’ that IPCC climate ‘science’ report delayed – ‘Missed the opportunity to add impetus’ to Nov 2022 Egypt summit


The global body drafting the U.N.’s biggest climate science report faces intense criticism ahead of the publication of its latest landmark report, with one author describing a “total shitshow” following a strike by scientists.

The final instalment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) sixth major assessment of the state of the climate — due to be released Monday — was originally scheduled to land in October 2022.

But the report’s publication was delayed, a move the IPCC at the time blamed on “operational reasons.” The delay upset countries, scientists and green campaigners who had counted on having the report in hand going into global U.N. climate talks in Egypt in November.

Now, minutes from a meeting in September recently uploaded to the IPCC website, detail how scientists “paused” their work on the report in protest over an “abrupt change” in support personnel.

Delegates at the September meeting bemoaned the fact that the so-called “synthesis report” — which pulls together findings from three previous chapters on the physical changes, global impacts and mitigation of global warming — would miss the opportunity to add impetus to the discussions at the COP27.