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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV on climate activists upset at Biden for oil drilling in Alaska: ‘They only want to see China, the Middle East, & Venezuela, producing fossil fuels. They don’t want America doing it’


Morano’s segment begins at 36:50 into video

Newsmax TV – Prime News w/ Jenn Pellegrino – Broadcast March 13, 2023


Biden approves massive Willow Project oil drilling in Alaska that climate activists derided as ‘carbon bomb’

Rough Transcript: 

Jenn Pellegrino: Tell us the importance of the willow project. And, you know, why isn’t Biden taking more credit for this as he trying to kind of play both sides as he perhaps looks towards 2024? What do you make of it?

Marc Morano: This is purely a political strategic move. What’s happened here is sort of the opposite of what happened with Defund the Police.  With Defund the Police, they saw immediate results. And immediately, Biden and the Democrats reversed themselves and said, It’s time to refund the police.

While the green agenda started decades ago. And because of all the virtue signaling and it takes years to get all of this stranglehold on our energy…we’re seeing the results now with skyrocketing prices and inflation, and shortages. So the Biden administration is in real time now facing the presidential election coming up to reverse itself. It allowed us this in Alaska. We’re talking 23 million acres, 180,000 barrels of oil a day and estimated 576 million barrels.

But the key here is the opposition he’s facing. He’s doing this because he has to do something to alleviate energy prices. We saw what he did during the midterms, Biden drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the lowest levels we’ve had since the 1970s. All to keep gas prices low to help the Democrats in the midterm election. So we know this is a cynical political ploy. What’s funny is the opposition; they’re calling it ‘carbon bomb’ Al Gore is upset. And the thing is, they want to push solar and wind all the climate activists but they don’t care about all the rare earth mining necessary in China with horrendous human rights violations and horrendous environmental standards. They only want to shut down American energy. So Biden now has a problem with his base, and he has a hypocrisy problem. Because he literally campaigned on shutting this down, but he’s allowing just this one project.

Jenn Pellegrino: How much of an impact you believe will have because Senator Kevin Cramer was tweeting this that he calls it a half-hearted approach to energy security said the administration barely granted one project while blocking 15 million other acres. isn’t doing Alaska favor.

Marc Morano: It’s it’s like one step forward and then attempting to do three steps backward. What he’s done is he’s allowed this one project to go in exchange and to calm down the activist climate mob. That’s, you know, that’s, that helped elect him. He’s telling him that Alaska and the Arctic is now completely off-limits. Forever, where that’s going go one last project. This is it. And of course, we know government doesn’t work that way. Let’s hope the next president doesn’t completely disregard that. But his base isn’t going to be mollified by that, but this is what Biden is trying to do now is codified in right off the rest of the Arctic. He’s, he’s literally saying we’re going to do this one project, and everything else is off limits. But I don’t think it’s gonna help. I think he’s gonna have a problem with his climate activist base. His climate activist base only wants to see China, the Middle East, Venezuela, producing fossil fuels. They don’t want America doing it. They don’t want it here where we have great standards. And great environmental human rights and environmental records. It’s it makes no sense. So Biden is in quite a quandary.

Jenn Pellegrino: Yeah, it seems to be immediate his energy policies, they’ve been a disaster and saw gas prices doubling last year for Biden to ask Saudi Arabia for oil. And now in his latest budget, he’s setting aside $11.9 billion for renewable energy programs and projects. So where does where does this Willow project fit into his into his, you know, overall energy plan?

Marc Morano: Well, it’s at least positive that he’s allowing this. A year ago, I would not have expected this. I think the whole crisis energy crisis of the last 18 months has forced his hand but in terms of the big scheme of things, they are shutting down fossil fuel. They are setting down in the funding for through environment, social governance, they are putting in regulatory, they’re not approving new binaries. So what they’re doing it is creating a landscape where they somehow believe this utopia, that solar and wind is going to come in and take over, it’s not going to happen.

It’s a very simple concept built that better is based on the premise of collapsing the existing orders. What they’re doing is they’re collapsing as much energy as possible. Are fossil fuel abundant, to make energy more scarce to raise the price because they’ve been actually admitted and Obama administration official admitted that higher energy costs help the climate agenda and they want to force as much solar and wind on us which doesn’t produce even a fraction of the energy of fossil fuels. So they’re creating intentional storages to meet the so called Net Zero goal. It doesn’t help us in the big picture. But politically, it’s useful for Biden to have a talking point, and it’s useful to open up some of this in Alaska to allow some of this oil to flow. And if they allow this to go forward, it will make a difference years from now as the oil flows, but it also sends a signal to the marketplace that, you know, oil in Alaska is now becoming more oils on the way which may help the futures market with oil prices. But on the other hand, him saying to shut it all down, doesn’t help. So it’s a big political crossroads. But this is what this is what the Biden administration is reduced to draining the petroleum strategic petroleum reserve for midterms. Now pandering on this, upsetting his base, trying to mollify the base. It’s all politics in the end, not a huge deal.

Jenn Pellegrino: Marc Morano Great to see you again. Thank you for taking time.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Jenn. Appreciate it.


Biden approves massive Willow Project oil drilling in Alaska that climate activists derided as ‘carbon bomb’

Biden approves controversial Willow oil drilling project in Alaska – Environmentalists and some Alaskan Native communities had opposed the plan over climate, wildlife and food-shortage fears