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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV on climate activists upset at Biden for oil drilling in Alaska: ‘They only want to see China, the Middle East, & Venezuela, producing fossil fuels. They don’t want America doing it’   Morano’s segment begins at 36:50 into video Newsmax TV – Prime News w/ Jenn Pellegrino – Broadcast March 13, 2023     Biden approves massive Willow Project oil drilling in Alaska that climate activists derided as ‘carbon bomb’ Rough Transcript:  Jenn Pellegrino: Tell us the importance of the willow project. And, you know, why […]

Biden warns young people ‘damned’ if his green policies thwarted & makes wildly wrong climate claims – Point-by-point rebuttal by Climate Depot

Climate Depot Special Report  Climate Depot Reality Check to Biden: President Joe Biden made remarkably uninformed and inaccurate climate comments in a TV interview  on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” hosted by former Obama aide Kal Penn in March 2023 and invoked the hell and brimstone imagery of “a whole generation damned” if his climate […]