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Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends rips Biden Energy Sec. for wanting USA to ‘learn’ from China – Ruling class ‘lusted after China’s one-party authoritarian rule’


China has ‘fooled’ the White House on their environmental values: Marc Morano – publisher Marc Morano reacts to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claiming the U.S. can ‘learn from what China is doing’ on climate change on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

Fox and Friends – Fox News Channel – Broadcast March 12, 2023

Background: Biden Energy Sec. Granholm declares U.S. can ‘learn from what China is doing’ on climate change – Claims China ‘very sensitive’ to world’s climate needs


Rough Transcript: 

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Here to react publisher at and author of The Great Reset, Marc Morano. Marc, tell me why we have our Energy Secretary touting China as the example on climate change and environmentalism

Marc Morano: This is right out of a Seinfeld episode. This is Bizarro World. It’s the exact opposite of what you would expect. China, which is literally 50% of the world’s coal production. China, which brags, ‘oh, we’re doing solar, wind’. They’re building solar and wind using rare earth mining, using human rights violations, using the worst environmental standards around the world, in order to sell to the West, not to use themselves. Their percentage of solar and wind is tiny. So the idea that we’re supposed to be modeled after them kind of reminds me that [Biden Energy Sec. Sec. Granholm] not talking about in energy, or is she talking about politically?

Because remember, we all modeled ourselves after China when it came to the lockdowns. We copied what China was doing with COVID lockdowns with World Health Organization, and the rest of the world like lemmings jumped off a cliff. I hope Granholm doesn’t mean to follow China politically, because this is a country with the worst environmental standards, and the worst human rights records, and we are gullible to allow them to somehow fool us into believing that they’re this virtuous nation when it comes to the environment. They probably one of the worst in the world.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Absolutely. And the entire energy policy that the United States has is going to make us more dependent on China. And as you mentioned, the human rights abuses should not be glossed over they are the ones China are the ones running and owning these mines, for rare minerals in Africa that are using child basically slave labor. But you’re right about the politics Marc. I mean, Granholm wasn’t the only one praising the one rule system, this totalitarian system. In China we have Apple CEO, Biden of course, loves them, Tom Friedman, and the New York Times, why are they so enamored by China and this terrible system they have that oppresses people.

Marc Morano: This is incredible. This goes back decades. Our ruling class, academia, and media elites, have done nothing but praise China. They’ve lusted after China’s one-party authoritarian rule. As you mentioned, the UN climate chief has done this. Justin Trudeau said he admires their basic dictatorship. And here’s what the kicker is. The COVID lockdowns gave the once-free West the opportunity to finally have what they dreamed of:  Chinese one-party-style authoritarian rule as the most consequential decisions of our lifetime — whether we go to school, work, church, weddings, funerals medical care, stay-at-home orders — were decided without an ounce of democracy, it was all done to emergency decree. This is what our power-hungry politicians love. So when I hear Jennifer Granholm praising China, I know it’s not for environmentalism that makes no sense. I think it’s for their politics and their politics of absolute control because that’s where we’re all moving. In the once-free West. That’s what we’re copying now.

Rachel Campos-Duffy: Yeah, there’s probably some grift involved there as well. There are a lot of Democrat donors benefiting from these climate policies and all the windmills and things that they’re making. Not to mention that a lot of poor people and elderly on fixed incomes are now having a very cold winter because they can’t afford energy. Thanks to these policies. Marc, always great on this topic. Thanks for joining us this morning.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Rachel.