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We’re Saved! Biden’s Army Sec. Christine Wormuth declares climate resiliency ‘a priority for me & our US Army’ – Brags about Army having ‘the largest floating solar array’


Via Red State: The US Army is a barking shambles. In Fiscal Year 2022, the Army missed its recruiting goal by 15,000 soldiers or 25% of its goal (Military Recruiting Numbers Lowest Since the Vietnam War). At the end of the fiscal year, the Army was supposed to have 485,000 soldiers, but it only had 466,000. That shortfall of 19,000 soldiers is the equivalent of disbanding five of the Army’s 31 brigade combat teams. While we can quantify the number of soldiers not enlisted, what is much more difficult is to put a number on those who have voted with their feet because of Army leadership that has become highly politicized and the men — fathers, teachers, coaches, and family members — who will actively discourage young men from enlisting because the Army no longer represents American values (Army Backs off Enlisting High School Drop Outs but the Woke Cancer Killing Enlistments Remains Stronger Than Ever).

Oct. 2022: Army Releases New Plan to ‘Mitigate’ Climate Change – Defense Sec Austin: The U.S. Army needs to ‘immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change’