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Watch: Morano on EPA chief cancelling celebrity climate trip & how the climate agenda now bypasses democracy – On Outkick’s ‘Tomi Lahren is Fearless’ Show

‘Tomi Lahren is Fearless’ Show on Fox News’ Outkick – Broadcast February 20, 2023


Partial transcript: Marc Morano: “I wrote the book called ‘Green Fraud: Why the Green Day Deal is Worse Than You Think’ and the Great Reset book recently and I’ve been to every United Nations climate Summit in the past 20 plus years, just about every single one, and most recently the climate summit in Egypt, and I can tell you right now the goal has nothing to do with a clean environment has nothing to do with controlling the climate. This is all about making themselves more powerful and controlling every aspect of your life and taking away our democracy.

Now before we even talk about this the most important thing to understand here is March of 2020 changed the entire climate and green agenda forever. What happened in March of 2020 —  COVID came and we had the COVID Emergency Declaration and COVID lockdowns where every Mayor, Governor, County Supervisor, President, Prime Minister could overnight become a dictator and declare church is closed offices closed schools, cancel weddings, funerals, whatever they wanted. Issue stay-at-home orders and banned backyard barbecues without a single vote of democracy.

What happened was the environmentalists were at first really jealous. They were like ‘why are they getting all this we’ve been calling for this kind of stuff for years’ and they had called for it. at UN climate summits, they had called for planned recessions to fight global warming. What was a COVID lockdown but a planned government recession? So what happened was the climate activists got their act together, and they realized as Jane Fonda said ‘COVID was God’s gift to the left.’ We had Jamie Margolis, a teen climate activist say ‘If we can shut down the world for a virus, we can do the same for climate.’

John Kerry said the parallels between COVID and climate are screaming at us. So the climate activists’ new template going forward is to bypass democracy. there’s an effort underway to get Joe Biden to declare a National Climate emergency which would give him 130 executive powers; which would extend to Mayors, Governors, they’ll be able to do things like ban gas stations, limit the hours, start doing more bans on gas-powered cars. They’ll be able to do all sorts of energy restrictions without a single vote being cast. So when you wake up every day and gas stoves bans are being talked about today, they’re going after your other appliances another day, they’re banning meat one day, you wake up, and you find out that the internal gas-powered cars are banned, you wake up another day, and you find out that high yield agriculture is being banned in Europe and Australia  — coming to the U.S. It’s frightening.

What’s going is the Once free West is now emulating one-party authoritarian rule in China. Notice the Green New Deal was never voted by Congress. it was introduced in Congress, but there were no hearings. There were no town halls. There were no switchboards lighting up. There was no constituent outreach. It never needed to be voted on because the by Biden administration made every cabinet agency a climate agency, and we now have all these executive orders, and we have this corporate-government collusion.

So to sum this up Tommy, because of the intentional collapse of our energy, we’re seeing it globally right now particularly in Europe, coming to the U.S. California with the highest electricity rates, the intentional will collapse of our transportation, banning gas-powered cars by 2035. There’s no way electric cars will replace gas-powered cars. This is going to create car shortages a la Cuba. You’re going to have one government-ordained car a la East Germany —  which they had the old East German Trabant, where people would be on waiting lists for years to get it.

You have the collapse of our agriculture. Bans on meat eating, making meat rare and expensive. Bans on the high yield agriculture creating food shortages. Bill Gates is the number one Farmland owner pushing lab-grown meat synthetic meat grown in steel vats from stem cells from an animal. It sounds absolutely disgusting. Lab-grown meat printed on a 3D printer. You’re going to have mealtime be: ‘What’s for dinner honey? Oh, I’m printing up your steak on the printer I’ll be ready in about 20 minutes.’

They’re collapsing our Free Speech through corporate-government collusion. And they’re also now collapsing our medicine. We have anesthesiologists wanting to lower anesthesia because of the carbon footprint of anesthesia. The American Cancer Society is worried about the carbon footprint of cancer care. This is Bonkers!  From A to Z Tomi, this is what’s happened just since March 2020. They’ve gone full insane in the climate agenda because they now realize they don’t need democracy.




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