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Listen: Morano on The Joe Piscopo Show on Biden’s EPA purging scientists who won’t rubber stamp administration’s policies – No scientific dissent allowed allowed

Automated rough transcript: 

Joe Piscopo: Marc Morano is the man. Former senior staff member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, publisher of, author of Green Fraud. Marc, welcome back to the show. Great to have you with us this morning.

Marc Morano: Thank you Joe happy to be here today.

Piscopo: Well tell us about the EPA was hit with a lawsuit yesterday that alleges the by the administration purged over 40 members of the Science Advisory Board, and seven from the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, I didn’t even know these things existed mark, you know, it’s an effort to stack these committees with like-minded scientists, please tell us what’s going on, sir.

Morano: Well this is nothing more than a purge of EPA of any, any chance that EPA could ever give independent and diverse scientific advice what they’ve done here, getting rid of nearly 50 scientists, because they know these scientists don’t agree with their policy. So what they’ve done is they’re not going to allow any dissent at EPA very similar to what YouTube and Facebook just sent out to you Google and YouTube announced yesterday saying that I cannot allow climate skeptics or climate deniers on YouTube for clearing out any dissent, that’s the big picture, the smaller picture is this is devastating for American industry, and economy because they already know their Green New Deal inspired regulations that are going to crush the economy they know that these nearly 50 Scientists were going to offer alternative views and all the other scientists. So, they just purged up they’re gone. And what’s interesting about this is, they’re not, they, these are going to be what’s left are all the academics who have never worked in industry, don’t understand it all they know is they want to shut down, and so they’re going to come up with regulations that are going to be bonkers, and they’re not going to have any other independent scientists to say hey wait a minute, that would never work with this industry, you’re gonna end up shutting it down that’s going to, and this is a problem so EPA is now going to be able to just run roughshod and they’re going to be able to credibly claim our scientific panels all agree we have noticed that this is a good policy, well there’s no dissent because they got rid of everyone this is, this is bonkers.

Piscopo: Yeah, it’s amazing. And your point is well taken. I mean how wrong was Facebook and Google and Twitter on everything about the virus everything about the virus they were wrong and they did and they shut everybody down, not to mention other political things that we won’t get into now, but it let’s say about the virus and you couldn’t say anything, and they shut you down. So now the same exact thing. If you with all your research and all your knowledge on the environment Marc Morano, you want to put something out on Facebook or on social media, they’re gonna shut it down now, they will shut it down. Correct?

Morano: Well, right now they’re doing after the monetization which I actually have a video series called Morano Minute. They’re not monetized. They make no money off it, but I have on YouTube, but if you look at the guidelines of what YouTubers do and this is just the first step, they’re going for everyone. They’ve already got rid of people like Robert F Kennedy Jr, banning them on social media platforms. So, next they’re going for what they call the evil climate denier. Again, this is no longer the America we grew up and you’re not allowed to disagree with this preferred state policy and this is frightening stuff and now it’s affecting actual regulation at the highest levels of industry

I mean this is EPA regulates, you know, billions of dollars and millions of employees ultimately and this is going to be you know this is a situation where it’s the old one-party state. They loved China because it was a one-party state. Climate activists, progressive, New York Times, always praise China for getting things done. Well, watch out, this is the way you get things done you remove all dissent you remove anyone who opposes you you silence all the opposition completely silence it. And then suddenly you have a green light to do whatever you want, which in this case is going to be massive administrative unelected bureaucracies taking over.

And by the way: Future Presidents — it’s gonna be very hard to undo this once EPA regulates this and they get all this into the system and industry has to deal with crazy regulations written by academics, but the other thing is the academics they’ve left on are recipients of government grants. So you can imagine, they’re going to go along with government regulation because they’re getting paid, in many cases, one of the ladies who had this got $65 million in federal grants, and she’s painting because they liked her opinions and she’s going to rubber-stamp everything. Biden EPA wants to do.

Piscopo: So your, your point is so well taken Marc Morano. We were talking about it this week that it’s hard to undo these things I thought well, you know, whoever whatever happens happens midterms come in, everything’s gonna be undone. A lot of this you cannot undo it, and they know it, And they’re going in and they know and what kills me in regards to China, Marc, why don’t they even mention about the assault on the environment that China commits every single day. I mean they’re building dirt. As we speak, they’re building coal plants, left and right, they will not go a week

Morano: China is building on on average one coal plant a week. If you want to go to Africa, they go to Afghanistan, what do you think the environmental standards are in Afghanistan and Africa and China versus the United States in the cleanest energy and the cleanest energy extracted but we’re banned from extracting our own energy we have Biden begging OPEC to increase oil production, Russian oil imports in 11-year hikes and now massive increased dependence on China for the rare earth mining for the solar wind electric car is bonkers!

The climate policy is the greatest national security threat we face, not climate change, John Kerry has it exactly wrong our climate envoy when he claims. It’s a national security threat by the way they said 1970s global cooling was a national security threat I got a report in my new book and this is not

Piscopo: “Not a bad John Kerry impression there Marc Morano that’s John Kerry I’m better than you are, You know, he’s got that attitude. Oh, yeah, exactly. Oh my god, so this way. What decisions do you think these committees will make what influence do they have immediately that will affect us immediately we see the gas prices skyrocketing. And now what’s gonna company wise. Well this really on you know, the Academy’s holding on, in my opinion by thread is just gonna just tip it over into a recession, do you think Mark.

Morano: It’s the administrative state,  it’s going to take a few years but essentially starting now but what they’re going to do is every any energy-producing industry, whether it’s coal, oil, natural gas pipelines, drilling, they can just come in rough side because guess what, there’s nothing they can’t do they have a rubber stamp scientific board, which by law they’re supposed to consult and confirm it, but that boards now are all stacked with people who receive money from them and are all ideologically simpatico.

So they’re going to go in and start this is the death of 1000 cuts for us fracking which has led the world in reducing carbon dioxide so you actually cared about climate, you were revoking the Nobel for Al Gore and the UN climate panel and giving it to American fracking, because America led the world, but this is the kind of stuff that EPA is going to be going after now under this, they can go after any, any industry that produces energy and just start dis regulating them out to death and it’s ultimately going to affect cost of energy in the United States, and energy shortages, which is going to affect seniors, and anyone on fixed income and the working class and the poor. This is just, yeah, we’re seeing what’s happened in Europe, the energy chief said we have to get used to power only when it’s available, people can’t expect power out to California to actually glimpse of it in Texas. Yeah, this is coming nationally and this is by design, it’s not like Oh darn. They want chaos they want shortages, because economic slower economic growth. Hey, that’s exactly what the UN she’d called for years because the only way we can meet our temperature goals the UN Paris Climate squid to shut down the global economy, guess what, they got their wish with COVID. Follow this all public data this is incredible stuff,

Piscopo: And Marc before we let you go the end game, you told us before the end game because it’s not a clean earth it’s not a cleaner, you know that’s not the end game, what is the power and control, like with the virus, your thoughts on that.

Morano: Ultimately, the end game is a one-party administrative unelected state and what I mean by that is it’s not going to matter, eventually, who we vote for Governor for mayor for President because they’re no longer going to have the real power the real power but just given what happened in April, 2020 is now belonging to the unelected bureaucracy of just about every country in the world, with the exception of a few like Sweden and others that didn’t go down to the lockdown unelected bureaucrat path, because now Americans have ceded our ability and accepted the idea that we can’t have backyard barbecues that we can’t attend weddings, funerals churches and government can issue stay at home orders curfew, you can only leave for essential services, they want to morph that right over to a climate emergency you can only fly when it’s morally justifiable energy restrictions stay in place, get rid of private car ownership, make you drive roving fleets of electric rental cars.


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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was slapped with a lawsuit Thursday by a former Trump-era advisory member, alleging the Biden administration’s “purge” of industry representatives violates federal law. In March, EPA Administrator Michael Regan removed more than 40 members from the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and seven members from the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) in a move he argued would rid the committees of industry influence and restore science-based advisers.

But the suit, launched by Jones Day law firm on behalf of Stanley Young – who served on the SAB during the Trump administration – has argued stacking the advisory roles with like-minded scientists sympathetic to White House policies is a step too far. “The committees are now unfairly balanced – both in terms of points of view and the functions the committees are required to perform – because they lack a single member affiliated with regulated industries,” the suit read.

According to court filings obtained by Fox News, Young v. EPA contends that in removing all industry-focused officials, Regan violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).

FACA was enacted in 1972 to ensure advice provided by committees is “objective” and accessible by the public.

Biden EPA sued for illegally stacking science advisory panels
Young v. EPA is a hugely important lawsuit.

The law requires that EPA seek scientific advice from an independent and balanced panel of qualified scientists as part of its policy-making process. The Biden EPA has turned the law on its head by first deciding what its policy is and then stacking the panel with its cronies.
These EPA cronies are academic researchers who have been awarded tens of millions of dollars’ worth of EPA grants. This will not be independent and balanced scientific review; rather it will be the rubberstamping of EPA’s predetermined policy in contravention of congressional intent.

Dr. Stan Young and other applicants were rejected by EPA from panel membership not because they are unqualified, but because they have points of view that might jeopardize EPA’s pre-determined policy plans. T

The EPA policies at stake rely on of the agency’s most potent regulatory powers and will have major economic and social ramifications for America. The notion that these policies will not get the independent and balanced review Congress intended for them to have is simply outrageous.

Many years ago, EPA regulations were developed by actual scientists and engineers who knew what pollution reductions were achievable and reasonable. All that went out the door when lawyers began to dictate industrial pollution standards. The scientists they have now never spent one day on a plant floor and they’re not bad people but they don’t work for you and me. Lacking any partnership with industry, there is no choice but to take EPA to court over and over. Especially when Obama and Biden announce they plan to put whole industrial sectors out of business.

Almost all government regulators do not understand the areas that they regulate. Most don’t know how facilities or processes work or even the intent of the laws that the regulations were promulgated from. They rely on checklists or wandering around looking for things they personally don’t like. The bureaucracy needs education on what is possible and how to achieve goals without destroying commerce. That will not be accomplished with ivory tower scientists who have lived their entire life in a liberal bubble indoctrinated with propaganda about industry.


PA has filled the seven-seat Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee with five agency grant recipients. The CASAC chairman will be the University of Washington’s Lianne Sheppard, the top recipient of agency grants ($65+ million). In 2018, Sheppard sued the Trump administration after being excluded from being an independent EPA science advisor because she was an agency grant recipient.

But the suit, launched by Jones Day law firm on behalf of Stanley Young – who served on the SAB during the Trump administration – has argued stacking the advisory roles with like-minded scientists sympathetic to White House policies is a step too far.

“The committees are now unfairly balanced – both in terms of points of view and the functions the committees are required to perform – because they lack a single member affiliated with regulated industries,” the suit read.

According to court filings obtained by Fox News, Young v. EPA contends that in removing all industry-focused officials, Regan violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA).

FACA was enacted in 1972 to ensure advice provided by committees is “objective” and accessible by the public.

The suit said 47 officials have been appointed to the SBA and seven as CASAC members – but not a single member is affiliated with a regulated industry.

The lawsuit has called for all committee activity to come to a halt until a “balanced membership” can be put in place.

First rule in the totalitarianism governance: brutally stifle any and all opposition, in any form, starting with eliminating all free speech.
Second rule: create an entire population of informants. Instill total fear by acting with finality and total impunity on anything neighbor snitches on neighbor, regardless of veracity.
That is astoundingly familiar with the “Biden” doctrine of governance.
Be scared. Really scared.

In the new paradigm of Biden’s puppet administration, facts and legitimate science is irrelevant. It’s all about creating the perception of things in order to shame people into believing their policies. Case in point is the cancellation of keystone pipeline. The result is that Canada will export instead via their west coast by fuel burning ships to China where practically unregulated refineries will process it and re-export the refined products they created like gasoline and heating fuel. By contrast, keystone aimed to make this crude accessible to US Gulf Coast refineries that have the lowest emissions in the world and are manned by labor so that they can process it and sell gasoline and heating fuel to Americans at competitive prices.