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Recap of UN climate summit 2022: The Sharm El Shake Down – Greta calls event a ‘scam’ & UN replaces her with another youth activist — Sophia

by Craig Rucker and Marc Morano, Rucker has been president of CFACT for 30 years. Morano served as a senior staffer at the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Morano’s new book, The Great Reset was released in 2022.

In November 2022, the United Nations held its annual climate summit, the 27th “Conference of the Parties,” in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The ostensible goal of the gathering was to figure out a means to force nations to abide by a 1.5 degree celsius target set forth in the Paris accords, and to get rich nations to fork out the grandiose financing needed to make that happen.

In the end, it achieved none of this…but it did offer some interesting twists.

To kick things off, over 400 private jets transported the attendees to COP27. At the entrance to the conference, attendees were greeted by an Irish climate activist holding a placard that read “Climate change denial deserves the death penalty.” Both hypocrisy and hostility were on full display throughout the two-week event.

Out with the old Greta, in with the New

One of the first twists had to do with the face of the climate crusade — teen climate activist Greta Thunberg. To the surprise of all, she skipped the Egypt gathering, the first ever U.N. climate summit she did not attend since rising to meteoric leftist fame.

Greta declared that COP27 was a “scam” that is “failing” humanity and the planet by not leading to “major changes.” According to Reuters, Greta summed up the summit thus: “Greta sees the climate summit as an opportunity for ‘people in power… to [use] greenwashing, lying and cheating.’”

Kudos to Greta. But probably to her chagrin, the U.N. did not lose a beat in literally replacing Greta with another youth climate activist.

The replacement to Greta, known as Sophia, a 20-year-old social media influencer, was a hit. She met with the U.N. Secretary General, conducted a meeting with Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry, and gave a keynote speech to COP27.

In short, the U.N. tossed Greta aside quicker than a private jet commute. How dare they!

Sharm El “Sheikh-DOWN”

A second twist had to do with a renewed push for transfer payments from rich to poor nations. Among the policy positions pushed at COP27 were “climate reparations” for alleged climate damages to the developing world. This is also known as “loss and damage.” Essentially, the reparations would amount to huge sums of money flowing from the U.S. and developed nations to help cover costs associated with any hurricanes, droughts, floods or other weather-related disasters that might strike developing countries in the future. This obviously makes no sense given that extreme weather events are not increasing on climate timescales and that the expanded use of fossil fuels make the world more resilient to any natural climate changes.

It began when a coalition of 130 nations, egged on by China, introduced a draft plan for loss and damage at COP27 in Egypt. This year it passed, despite U.S. climate envoy John Kerry’s recent statement that, “it’s a well-known fact that the United States and many other countries will not establish . . . some sort of legal structure that is tied to compensation or liability. That’s just not happening.”

The language adopted by the COP sets up a framework for a future plan while leaving the details of who will pay for what deliberately nebulous. Don’t take too much comfort from this watered-down language. This is how U.N. climate diplomacy operates. First, they place something into the text, assign committees to study and report back in the future, then decide who will pay. Witness the infamous “Green Climate Fund” for which hundreds of billions of dollars are theoretically owed that developed nations continually (hopefully perpetually) avoid paying. Ever so often, however, payments are made. President Obama twice sent $500 million in payments that Congress had appropriated for other purposes to the “GCF” just before President Trump took office.

As CFACT has reported, the inclusion of “loss and damage” in the COP27 outcome represents the thin end of the wedge. We can expect a chorus of demands for climate reparations from here on out.

In light of this development, CFACT dutifully renamed the Sharm El-Sheikh town hosting the climate summit to “Sharm El Sheikh-DOWN!”

Big AL is Watching You!

COP27 was perhaps the most assertive summit in history in calling for the merging of COVID and climate change into one campaign. The summit morphed into a “Great Reset” summit, with John Kerry appearing at a preceding World Economic Forum event proclaiming that governments should use the COVID vaccine mandate template to fight climate change.

Building on that chilling concept, Al Gore arrived at COP27 to announce a frightening partnership with Google to impose something called “ClimateTRACE”. ClimateTRACE will monitor 72,000 alleged emitters of carbon dioxide to create a version of a Chinese-style social credit system.

Monitoring our CO2 emissions is the route for climate activists, the United Nations, and government bureaucrats to dig their claws into every aspect of industrial society by monitoring and penalizing producers. The objective is to create a “Net-Zero” emission world where human prosperity and economic growth are treated as “problems” to be solved.

CFACT Senior Fellow, Peter Murphy, raised several points to U.N. panelists at workshop sessions, including the reality that China, Russia, and even India are not going along with decarbonization efforts. Additionally, Murphy explained that many people around the world have no desire to give up their cars or to transition to city living. To this a U.N. panelist said the U.N. is focused on “showing people” that the U.N.’s plans for society “benefits them,” and that bicycles should be embraced as a better option over cars anyway.

Dominating the Airwaves

On the plus side, a positive twist was also unexpected. Those advocating for Climate realism garnered more than usual media coverage throughout COP27. For example, CFACT and its Climate Depot news service dominated the global TV market with multiple primetime segments live from the summit. The BBC even reported how much impact CFACT was having in Egypt and lamented that “its members hold significant influence.”

Media Matters also attacked Morano’s reporting regarding COP27 and its Great Reset connection, labeling this assertion as part of right-wing “conspiracy theories.”

CFACT also did a viral video spoof of the ubiquitous climate protesters gluing themselves to iconic art pieces while our team was in Egypt. CFACT president Craig Rucker and Morano “glued” themselves to a museum exhibit at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization and began chanting, “No Net Zero,” “No green energy mandates!”

The video even included security mock “escorting” the two out of the museum after the stunt.

The World is not Enough!

The final twists had to do with our Commander in Chief and the unexpected “spiritual” nature of the COP27 proceedings. Regarding the first of these, President Joe Biden attended COP27, but quickly revealed how out of step he was with attendees. For example, Biden touted the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act and its $368 billion earmarked for “green energy.” But just days earlier, Al Gore complained that Biden was merely talking about pennies on the dollar. “We need four and a half trillion dollars per year to make this transition,” Gore declared. That Biden showed himself to be out-of-step with expectations is perhaps not a surprise, but by this much was indeed eye-opening.

As for the second unexpected turn, the U.N. summit also solidified the morphing of climate change into a religion. To showcase the spiritual urgency of saving Mother Earth, climate activists smashed tablets atop Mount Sinai in Egypt to promote the unveiling of the new “climate commandments.” They also promoted a “climate repentance” ceremony.

Climate analyst Jo Nova summed up the U.N. summit succinctly when she wrote: “Like medieval Occult leaders, superstitious rain dancers, and healers with magical cures, the modern witchdoctors have satellites and simulations, but run on the same old formula since time began. Fear, smear, demons, and magic. All prophesies are ambiguous. Nothing he saith can be falsified.”

There are two prophecies that can be verified: 1) The U.N. will continue to try to deceive and shakedown the world with climate fears and, 2) CFACT will continue to oppose and expose their efforts.