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BBC: Predictions say were Doomed! Warns of ‘increase’ of ‘catastrophic flooding…at any moment’ – But last sentence admits ‘there has as yet been no such increase’

Millions face threat of flooding from glacial lakes

Up to 15 million people face risk of catastrophic flooding from glacial lakes which could burst their natural dams at any moment, a new study finds. … 

The study published in the journal Nature Communications assessed the conditions of lakes and the number of people living downstream from them, which has also increased significantly. … “It’s an important paper,” said Stephan Harrison, a leading expert on the impact of climate change on glacial lakes at the University of Exeter, who was not involved in the research. “It alerts policymakers to the likely impact of future climate change.”

The Very LAST SENTENCE OF BBC article: “While scientists expect that glacial floods will increase as a result of human-induced climate change, there has as yet been no such increase.”