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Slow news day? Media investigating the carbon footprint of online Super Bowl ads What is the carbon footprint of online Super Bowl ads?  There are way too many climate news reporters if they take the time and the GHG emissions to report on such a silly story. Bloomberg (2/1/23) reports: “On Sunday, millions of people will tune into the Super Bowl and watch the game’s commercials. Then they’ll […]

More Wackiness: Flashback 2020: ‘Climate change could be responsible’ for ‘autoimmune diseases & autism’ claims Rutgers U. researcher’s new study How Climate Change Affects Allergies, Immune Response and Autism The changes in the environment and biodiversity brought on by climate change could be responsible for increases in allergies, autoimmune diseases and autism, according to a Rutgers researcher Climate change and disruption of the ecosystem have the potential to profoundly impact the human body. Xue […]

Travel Reset: ‘We May Not Actually Need All That’ lithium, cobalt, & nickel for EVs – Instead report calls for ‘getting Americans out of cars’ & mandate ‘living in dense, walkable & bikeable areas’ w/ mass transit

Yup. There you have it. Problem solved by 'merely' ensuring far fewer cars are allowed everywhere & making life less convenient, more miserable. — Mark P. Mills (@MarkPMills) January 26, 2023 We May Not Actually Need All That Lithium New research shows how simple policies like improving public transit and urban walkability can […]

Pielke Jr. & Maue: Just the Facts on Global Hurricanes: More storms? Fewer but more intense? More landfalls? No, No & No By Roger Pielke Jr. Note: This post is co-authored with Ryan Maue, an absolutely top notch atmospheric scientist and data wrangler. Give him a follow on Twitter: @RyanMaue and check out his tropical activity tracking page. Back in 2012, Jessica Weinkle (@Jessica Weinkle), Ryan Maue (@RyanMaue) and I published in the Journal of Climate the first peer-reviewed paper with […]

La Times: Epic California snowpack is now the deepest it’s been in decades – Snowpack 205% of normal Drought-weary California is entering February with deeper snowpack than it has seen in four decades, reflecting a healthy boost in the state’s supply of water but also spurring concerns about dryness, flooding and other potential hazards in the months ahead. Statewide Sierra snowpack was 205% of normal for the date on Wednesday, said officials […]

India Sets New Wheat Production Record: ‘Contrary to what Paul Ehrlich predicted, India now produces 10 times more wheat today than it did in 1965 when its population was 65% smaller’ By Gale Pooley This article originally appeared in Gale Pooley’s Gale Winds Substack. Before agronomist Norman Borlaug showed up in the 1960s, India was only producing 10 million tons of wheat a year. In 2023, it expects to produce 112 million tons. Thanks to Borlaug and other scientists and innovators, India’s wheat production has increased by 1,020 percent […]

BBC: Predictions say were Doomed! Warns of ‘increase’ of ‘catastrophic flooding…at any moment’ – But last sentence admits ‘there has as yet been no such increase’ Millions face threat of flooding from glacial lakes Up to 15 million people face risk of catastrophic flooding from glacial lakes which could burst their natural dams at any moment, a new study finds. …  The study published in the journal Nature Communications assessed the conditions of lakes and the number of people […]

French Farmers Stage Mass Tractor Protest in Paris Against EU Green Diktats Thousands of French farmers accompanied by hundreds of tractors descended upon the capital of Paris in response to the government’s adoption of the latest EU green agenda diktat. In what is reported to be the largest farmer demonstration in France since 2019, some 500 tractors and thousands more people converged on Paris on Wednesday […]