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Energy Reset: UK Paying Britons Not to Use Electricity

By Nik Rajkovic

We’ve told you about energy providers taking over your smart thermostat, now the United Kingdom is paying Britons not to use electricity on certain days.

The Climate Depot‘s Marc Morano says give Democrats another four years in power, this will be us before too long.

“We don’t get to vote on any of this,” he says. “This is the great reset in action. It’s the great energy reset.”

“We’re suffering from transportation shortages. We’re suffering from food shortages based on the net zero agenda. And of course, we’re suffering from energy shortages. There’s going to be fines on people if they use their thermostats.”

The kicker in England is they’re having to conserve after years of investing in wind and solar.

“Europe for the first time since the industrial revolution, of 150 plus years ago occurred, they’re now fearing winter,” says Morano. “This is insane, and they’ve shot themselves in the foot.”

England now plans to restart two coal power plants to make up the difference.


Energy Shortages: Britons to be Paid to Not Use Electricity Between 5pm and 6pm on MondayMore than a million UK households will be offered money for them to cut their electricity use between 5pm and 6pm on Monday in a move that follows the National Grid bringing back mothballed coal plants today to ensure supply.

Climate Change Hoax: The Great Reset Is On In Great Britain – Marc Morano – Houston’s Morning News w/ Shara & Jim