Listen: Morano on Rose Unplugged To Give A Recap On DAVOS/WEF 2023

Morano: Kerry may be on to something! Kerry’s friend Al Gore was born nearly nine months after the Roswell incident, so there may be a link……

Weighs in on the elite attending Kerry and the WEF, the UN, and Gore all seem to believe they are the chosen ones to save the planet. They genuinely believe themselves to be above the rest of us

– Why did Joe Manchin, D-W.V., take a swipe at the “open press system” in the U.S. during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum?

– To be successful WEF agenda requires an exaggerated crisis, getting everyone to act in unison, allowing no dissent

– They are emulating China’s authoritarian one-party rule. It is what the great reset is all about; declare emergency, suspend democracy, allow no dissent, stifle free speech