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‘Classic Junk Science’ Biden admin seeks ban on gas stoves based on single meta-analysis co-authored by WEF partnered climate activist group seeking ‘carbon free buildings’

Biden Admin Considers Banning Gas Stoves over Health Concerns – Used in about 40% of homes in the U.S. – A federal agency may look to ban gas stoves over concern about the release of pollutants that can cause health and respiratory problems, according to a new report. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is […]

Analysis: No, new study does not link gas stoves with asthma in children – ‘Classic Junk Science’ By Steve Milloy – The new study the Consumer Product Safety Commission wants to rely on to ban gas stoves is classic junk science.   Here is the study. The abstract is below. Here is a quick summary of the some of study’s principle flaws, in no particular order: It’s not actual research. It is […]