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Serially Wrong Paul Ehrlich Is Wrong, Again. We Are Not on The Brink of a 6th Mass Extinction Event by Chris Talgo On January 1, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” rang in the new year by airing a segment in which several scientists, including Dr. Paul Ehrlich, predicted that we are on the cusp of a sixth mass extinction event and that “the next few decades will be the end of the kind of civilization we’re […]

Watch: Morano on Newsmax with Steve Milloy talk how climate issue being used as a ploy for power

Watch here: Newsmax TV – Rob Schmitt Tonight – Broadcast January 3, 2023 A startup says it’s begun releasing particles into the atmosphere, in an effort to tweak the climate Watch: World Economic Forum touts China’s efforts ‘to control the weather’ with ‘cloud seeding’ to c… Watch: Morano on Fox and Friends rips efforts […]

Bloomberg Green Gives Voice to Climate Terrorist Andreas Malm By Robert Bradley Jr. The climate alarmists are in a trap of their own making. Their cut-and-dried apocalyptic predictions have not come true–and the public is rightly skeptical. But instead of checking their premises, the eco-nuts are inconveniencing and offending the public, damaging private property, and ending up in jail. And they are damaging […]

SEC Fakes Approval For New Climate Regulations From Activists, Foreign Investors While Ignoring American Companies’ Mass Opposition BY: TRISTAN JUSTICE The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is relying on a network of foreign investors to present an illusion of broad support for the agency’s proposed climate disclosure rule, which threatens to increase structural risks to the American economy. In March, the trade agency outlined new regulations requiring firms to report their estimated […]

Who will save the whales — From Offshore Wind!? New NOAA map shows North Atlantic Right Whales in very same areas targeted for offshore wind development By Robert Bryce The NOAA on the left shows whale areas. The BOEM map on the right shows areas targeted for offshore wind. I love maps. The walls of my old office were covered with them – pipeline maps, railroad maps, state maps, and one of my favorites: Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion map. Electronic maps […]

Top Ten Climate Fact Check, 2022 in Review Guest Post by: The Competitive Enterprise Institute, The Heartland Institute, the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and the International Climate Science Coalition Editor’s note: This summary serves as a fact check on the top ten disasters that mainstream media attributes to climate change. These topics, and others, have […]

Live Science Misleads on Extreme Weather, Tipping Points, & Polar Bears, Among Other Topics By  Linnea Lueken Live Science misleads readers with a recently posted “listicle” discussing ten types of extreme weather events which it says became further proof in 2022 that climate change is causing an impending climate “disaster.” The claims therein are either false, incomplete, or misleading. Three claims Live Science made in its list stand out […]

Mysterious eco group is funding local climate journalism: ‘Advocacy dressed up as news reporting’ By Thomas Catenacci A little-known environmental organization founded by the heir of a billion-dollar fortune has quietly organized large grants for local news outlets to boost climate change coverage and, sometimes, hire new climate reporters. The North Carolina-based 1Earth Fund states on its website that it was founded to “fund cost-effective communication projects that can reach audiences […]