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Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson talking the ‘intended consequences’ of skyrocketing electricity prices & proposes naming blackouts after politicians pushing ‘green’ energy

Fox News Channel – Tucker Carlson Tonight – Broadcast January 4, 2023


Automated Transcript: 

Tucker Carlson: Marc Morano is the publisher of Climate Depot, the author of Green Fraud which it is. He joins us tonight. Marc, thanks so much for coming on. So a couple of questions, why are there not front-page stories everywhere about increases in electricity prices of 25, 35, 40, 50 percent in a year? Why is no one saying anything about this?

Marc Morano: Well, because this is all part of the agenda, and the media is in on this agenda. These are the intended consequences of these policies. Now the media will report on it — the Associated Press — had an article about the heating fuels being up more than 50 percent year over year last year. So they’ve actually covered it, but they don’t cover it in a way that’s the same meaning as say, if this was essential allegedly caused by the free market system was causing this shortage. Instead, they just gloss over these the pain that real Americans are feeling, and this is disproportionately impacting people on fixed-income, lower-income people, a higher percentage of their money goes to pay for these higher energy costs, and of course, you think the media would be all over that, but they’re not because they’re in on what Kamala Harris described and it’s essentially this green utopian vision that has not been achieved anywhere in the world. We saw Sri Lanka try it. We saw Europe trying it, and of course, they’re doing their best now — as coal use is now hitting a global High — to reverse their green trends of the last 15 years. of their hellish version of the Green New Deal. But in the U.S., we have it baked these policies into our system, and we’re heading down the same road Europe has done for the last decade.

Tucker Carlson: So that’s kind of the point, it’s utopianism without the Utopia. We keep hearing these claims that renewables are better than what we currently have. You follow this for a living, you write about it, you study it for a living, can you think of any place on planet Earth where so-called Renewables, so-called green energy has made energy more reliable and cheaper?

Marc Morano: No. That’s a utopia, and that’s what they do, they replace the existing reality that has worked — remember, the United States has had electrical grids for over 100 years — over a century,  we know how to provide power. There is no excuse for having energy shortages, blackouts, and high skyrocketing prices. The only excuse is politics, and a net zero Green New Deal climate agenda has crept into our policies. You have solar and wind being subsidized, and there’s no penalty for their unreliability, their lack of battery storage, or the lack of energy they produce. They’re treated equally, which then forces grids to incorporate them — solar, and wind mandates — into the grid, and then you end up with either shortages or, consequently skyrocketing prices. We ought to start naming energy blackouts after the politicians’ who push these green policies. 

Tucker Carlson: Well, that’s totally true. But they’ve silenced opposition with their signature moral aggression, or people are embarrassed of fossil fuels, when your embarrassed of civilization.  Marc Morano, I appreciate it. Thank you so much. 

Marc Morano: Thanks, Tucker.


Morano’s proposal: Name Energy Blackouts: Just like we name hurricanes, energy blackouts should be named—for anti-energy policies, politicians, and ideas that encourage and enable blackouts.


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