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The Public Transit Debacle: Billions More Dollars To Fund Fewer & Fewer Riders

With millions of people still not wanting to go back to the office in urban areas, public transit ridership has plummeted by 35 percent and shows no sign of rebounding anytime soon.   Data thanks to @emre_ozdenoren Car journeys back to pre-pandemic, while rail, bus and tube 15% to 25% down. Since the majority of […]

Monckton rips UK’s ‘extraordinary failure to understand even the most elementary arithmetic’ as it is ‘flinging industry after industry into bankruptcy…enriching…China, India & Russia by its climate policies’

Special to Climate Depot Mathematics test for Western politicians By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Rishi Sunak, prime minister of the United Kingdom, has said he wants schoolkids to study mathematics till they are 18 to equip them for working life. Yet Mr Sunak presides over one of the most mathematically incompetent administrations in the Western […]

New York Times: ‘There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short’ – ‘Mate with shorter people’ for ‘a greener planet’ & to save ‘the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations’ By Mara Altman – Ms. Altman is a writer and the author of “Gross Anatomy.” Excerpts: …short is better, and it is the future. “I don’t want tall people to feel bad about themselves,” Samaras said, sincerely, “but the time is right to be short.” … Thomas Samaras, who has been studying height for 40 […]

Wash Post: ‘Climate change puts more women at risk for domestic violence’ By Geoffrey Ondieki,  Disha Shetty  and  Aie Balagtas See   UMOJA, Kenya — Pilot Lenaigwanai covers her mouth as she speaks. She is trying to hide her broken tooth, a bitter reminder of all she endured before finding refuge at a shelter for abuse survivors in northern Kenya. The mother of three arrived here in July […]

Morano: ’60 Minutes could not have found a more thoroughly discredited doomsday preacher than Paul Ehrlich’ By Chris Woodward Excerpt: On Sunday, January 1 the CBS “news magazine” featured Paul Ehrlich in a segment claiming the planet is in the midst of a sixth mass extinction and that wildlife is running out of places to live. The 90-year-old Stanford University biologist renowned for his inaccurate doomsday predictions over past decades stated: […]

RIP Apollo VII astronaut Walt Cunningham – Hero of space & science – Slammed UN climate summit for perpetrating the ‘one of the biggest frauds in the field of science’ Walt Cunningham hero of space and science By Craig Rucker On January 3, 2023, America lost a hero and CFACT lost a friend. Colonel Walter Cunningham was 90. “Walt” is best known for flying in space as lunar module pilot on Apollo VII, the first manned space mission after a tragic fire on the […]