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‘The planet is dying!’ – ‘Dumpster diving’ NASA climate scientist kicked out of the world’s biggest Earth-science conference for protesting inaction

Via Business Insider:

  • Two climate scientists were kicked out of a major science conference in Chicago on Thursday.
  • Peter Kalmus and Rose Abramoff went onstage to urge other researchers to take climate action.
  • They told Insider the American Geophysical Union told them they’d be arrested if they returned.

CHICAGO, Illinois — Two climate scientists say they were kicked out of the world’s biggest meeting of the Earth and space sciences on Thursday.

NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus and ecologist Rose Abramoff each told Insider they acted on their own behalf when they climbed onstage during a plenary event at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union, an association of 60,000 advocates and professionals in the Earth and space sciences.

NASA scientist Peter Kalmus

Abramoff and Kalmus see these catastrophes unfolding in their own research, and they’ve both been arrested multiple times this year as part of climate protests. They wanted to galvanize other scientists to act on their own research, too.

“If the people who know the most about Earth breakdown are still acting like everything’s fine, then of course everyone else is going to keep acting like everything’s fine,” Kalmus told Insider.

Onstage, Kalmus and Abramoff unfurled a banner that read, “out of the lab and into the streets,” and called for their colleagues to start taking climate action.

“Our science is showing that the planet is dying. It’s terrifying. Everything is at risk. As scientists, we have tremendous leverage, but we need to use it. We can wake everybody up,” Kalmus yelled over a recording introducing the first speaker.

“Please, please, please find a way to take action,” Abramoff called out, as a woman standing below them grabbed the banner from her, according to video footage from the event.

AGU staff escorted the pair offstage as audience members applauded and cheered.

Kalmus and Abramoff said two staff members then took their conference badges from them and told them to leave.

Abramoff said she received a phone call later, in which AGU staff informed her that if she or Kalmus returned to the fall meeting, they would be arrested, and that AGU was contacting their employers to complain.

“I interpreted that as basically a threat — which I don’t know if it was a hollow threat or not — to try and get us fired,” Abramoff told Insider.


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