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Morano on Fox News Primetime: ‘You can rename UN COP27 climate summit the China Empowerment Summit’ – Let’s apply ‘ESG to Chinese-run firms in Africa’


Marc Morano, author of ‘The Green Fraud,’ calls out Democrats’ green energy ‘scam’ and exploitation of African children on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Fox News Channel – Broadcast November 25, 2022 – Jesse Watters Primetime – w/ Rachel Campos-Duffy

Marc Morano: US is ’empowering China’ with the green energy agenda

‘All it’s going to do is make the once energy dominant west more reliant on China’‘All it’s going to do is make the once energy dominant west more reliant on China’

Hot Air’s article on Morano’s segment


RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY: “Marc Morano joins me now, he is the author of the great reset and plush everywhere of climate Mark, great to have you. You heard my monologue. Am I right? Is this whole green thing a big scam?”

MARC MORANO:  “Yes, you are. You can rename the UN climate summit the China empowerment summit. All it’s going to do is make the once energy-dominant West more reliant on China for all this rare earth mining and with lower environmental standards and this is the most important aspect, Rachel, lower human rights standards. Whether you are talking about the Uyghurs in China or particularly in relation to your opening, kids as young as 8, and 9 years old in the coming go mining cobalt. Now, this has been reported over the years, years ago by CBS News, by CNN, so, the mainstream media is aware of it. But they haven’t connected any dots and they hardly ever talk about it although they did cover it. But, essentially, we are empowering China by more and more mandates that rely on them with very little oversight about what’s going on with the kids in Africa and just human rights in Africa with these Chinese-owned companies.” 
They’re covering up for this because of the larger picture they think we face a climate catastrophe. And if you disrespect in any way solar and wind power, you’re allegedly hastening the end of planet Earth as we know it and so that is one of the key reasons.  And the other is they have something called Environmental Social & Governance, which we apply to U.S companies, which has everything to do with transgender issues, Critical Race Theory, and of course environmental standards. Well, imagine if we applied ESG to Chinese-run firms in Africa, to Chinese Rare Earth mining in China. The media would never go along with that,  the climate activists would never go along with it. But somehow, China gets a pass here and it’s the same thing with climate reparations since China gets a pass they’re able to do this and there’s no reason to believe they’re not going to be able to continue to exploit children in Africa as this goes forward because you’re right there is no real pushback internationally on this.
CAMPOS-DUFFY: “right. It is about control. I want you to give me a short answer because I’m running short on time. I want you to answer this one. Is part of this agenda about population control? I know you have studied this for a long time. Is it about population control?”
MORANO: “Yeah. It’s absolutely, in fact, many people who push this say that the carrying capacity of the Earth is 1 billion people. They want to remove 7 billion. “New York Times” earlier this year week did a profile on the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, which want humans essentially erased from the planet. This is at the core of this whole movement of the climate agenda as well. Al Gore and Bill Gates have been informed. Gore has lamented there were too many Africans that there are going to be more Africans mid-century than China and India combined. His solution was ubiquitous fertility management. White wealthy western. That we take care of the world’s population problem with that.”
CAMPOS-DUFFY: “They should keep their hands off of the of women’s fertility, that’s for sure. You wrote about the Great Reset. I hope people will read your book and what wtf is doing they wrote the book called the “great reset.” Thanks for joining us this evening.”

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