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Watch: The Climate Cabal Doubles Down on Depopulation – Marc Morano on Allie Beth Stuckey’s Blaze TV show

Today we’re joined by Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot and author of “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown,” to discuss the politics of climate change ideology and the recent COP27 U.N. climate change conference held in Egypt. We discuss the global elites’ need to force the doctrine of climate change upon us and explain exactly why this is the specific issue they’ve chosen. We look at some of the science behind their beliefs and ask if there’s some truth behind any of it. One example of wishy-washy science is the former insistence that polar bears will quickly become extinct. Now we see polar bear statistics scrapped from climate change materials, as polar bear populations increase. We hear about the COP27 climate change conference and discuss why Klaus Schwab, who gave a speech at the conference, seems to be regarded as a national leader of sort despite only heading the WEF. We take a look at the hypocrisy of global leaders and regimes as they say one thing, yet live very differently, and ask the question: What can we do to push back?


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[3:26] Interview with Marc begins

[5:40] How did the climate become the interest of so many powerful people?

[11:04] Legitimacy in climate science

[15:32] Population control

[19:32] Klaus Schwab at COP27 climate change conference

[25:30] Hypocrisy in climate change ideology

[34:26] COP27 climate change conference recap

[43:34] What can we do to push back?

Marc Morano explained the goal of the de-populationists. “They’re not trying to kill us.” They’re just managing our disappearance.

Essentially they’re waiting for “the current population to age and die off and then future population control. … I interviewed Hans SchellenHuber, the German climate advisor who’s at all these United Nations climate summits. He’s one of these people, and many others, who believe the carrying capacity of the earth is only about 1 billion people.

“Well, we have about almost eight billion now. I think it’s 7.9. So, they’re talking about eventual elimination, because the earth can’t handle its species; trees can’t handle its; natural ecosystems can’t handle it; the distribution systems of food and medicine can’t handle it.

“They’re not talking about killing people now, but they’re talking about future generations really radically cutting back. ..

If they would only leave it to natural forces, “wealth and development is one of the most proven ways to lower population, in fact, as a country gets wealthier, the number of kids that families have invariably drop. We’ve seen it happen all over the world, over the past few centuries. And there’s no reason to think that won’t happen.

“What’s weird about it is they want to prevent that wealth, under the name of some overpopulation fears from countries and that’s what’s happening in Africa.

“It’s a new form of colonialism that they’re doing they’re telling them they can’t make the same mistakes that we made here in the West with fossil fuels because they’ll make the climate catastrophe worse.

“So Africa can’t make the same mistakes of development, cheap fossil fuels wealth, longer life expectancy lower infant mortality, cleaner air, cleaner water, and better infrastructure. I mean they can’t make those mistakes.

“Instead, you have to have wealthy white westerners go in and tell them how to manage their economy. And to make sure it happens, the UN sets up a climate slush fund that quite literally pays African and South American leaders who are best able to keep their people locked in poverty.

“In other words, the more poverty you have, the lower your emissions you are the better steward of the climate, you are, and that’s what the UN …I’ve talked to development activists in South Africa about this. They literally pay the governments and the leaders who are best able to keep their people locked in poverty and then they give this money, and of course these leaders then use it to ensure their own reelection.”

[This reminds me of the Chinese Maoists’ one-child policy. It’s the same mindset.]


Marc Morano Explains How The Great Reset Wins

The Great Reset explained by Marc Morano

Klaus Schwab: “It’s a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world, and since it takes some time, that’s alright…”

Marc Morano: “He’s [Klaus Schwab] talking about us essentially giving up individual national sovereignty and giving up individual freedoms and turning over rule to experts. In fact, at his meeting in Davos, he said he looked at everyone in the room – and these are billionaires, millionaires, corporate heads, government bureaucrats, Hollywood celebrities, the royal family, Bill Gates – he looked at everyone and he said we have in this room, we get to decide the future of the planet.

“I mean that’s the kind of maniacal James Bond villain attitude he actually is. So, what’s significant though about this G20 speech you just played, he is now being treated as a head of state. It’s now a nation state [World Economic Forum]. It’s reached that level status at a G20 summit where he can go up there and talk about radical restructuring, systemic restructuring of the planet, and he gets literally the same VIP treatment.

“And what’s amazing about that is how did he get to this position of power. Well, in the book I go back, was founded in 1971 and the key to the way the World Economic Forum is so powerful. They found a way for businesses, academics, and lobbyists, and fundraisers to meet with politicians off the books, outside the purview of lobbying regulators, any oversight.

“And they have these annual meetings … it’s a free for all where you get corporations, government, celebrities, academia, all together and they’re  meeting, they’re talking, they’re – I hate to use the word conspiring – but they’re planning. And this is how you end up with things like environmental social governance ESG, this is you end up with all these corporate mandates, and what ultimately comes out of this – and this is the simplest way of looking at it  – The Great Reset, the World Economic Forum.

“This whole agenda is to make it so we have no choice on some of the biggest questions of our lives, and just even down to the smallest, and here’s a few examples. We didn’t get to vote on whether gas-powered cars would be banned; we didn’t vote for vaccine mandates; we didn’t vote for lockdowns; we didn’t vote to have churches closed; we didn’t vote to have schools closed; we didn’t vote for mask mandates; we didn’t vote for banning of meat.

“But all of this is happening because at these meetings, like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, they meet and they work with government corporate collusion to bypass democracy and then – simple sentence – The Great Reset is basically making the once free world copy the same model as the one party Chinese authoritarian rule.

Masters of the World Speech [don’t forget how they plan to use technology, censorship, and AI]:

“That is the great reset. They bypassed democracy and impose stuff through this corporate government fascism and we get told what’s happening. We don’t get to vote on it. There’s no hearings in Congress… there’s no town halls… there’s no switchboards lighting up for a big quote, none of it.

“We’re just told that the car is gone; you’re meat eating ‘s going; we’re creating energy shortages; sorry, you need a vaccine to go into this place; sorry your schools are closed; sorry your churches are closed.

“What, huh, how did that happen?”