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The U.S. Pledges ‘Climate Reparations’ to Other Countries While Americans Freeze & Suffer By Daisy Luther More people than ever are facing dire circumstances, and we’re just getting started with this economic disaster. And what is our government doing? Why, they’re giving our money away. To other countries, no less. The U.S. government agreed to pay “climate reparations.” But the plight of our own countrymen seems to be less important […]

Climate reparations dead in the water as US Republicans say ‘No way’ Net Zero Samizdat 22 November 2022 1) Climate reparations dead in the water as US Republicans say ‘No way’ The Washington Times, 21 November 2022 2) UN declaration calls for as much as $10 trillion a year to meet climate targets Jack McEvoy, Daily Caller, 21 November 2022 3) Green Britain: UK economy to suffer biggest […]

UN declaration calls for as much as $10 trillion a year to meet climate targets

  Jack McEvoy, Daily Caller, 21 November 2022 “The endless search for climate trillions will go on for decades to come,” Net Zero Watch Director Benny Peiser said. The United Nations COP27 climate plan calls on nations to spend eight to ten trillion dollars annually to invest in green energy and rapidly reduce greenhouse gas […]

Watch: The Climate Cabal Doubles Down on Depopulation – Marc Morano on Allie Beth Stuckey’s Blaze TV show Today we’re joined by Marc Morano, founder of Climate Depot and author of “The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown,” to discuss the politics of climate change ideology and the recent COP27 U.N. climate change conference held in Egypt. We discuss the global elites’ need to force the doctrine of climate change […]

Beijing Biden Agrees To Pay $1 BILLION in Climate ‘Reparations’ to Foreign Nations By Pamela Geller The Biden regime is bankrupting this country in the service of hoaxes and adversaries. The Democrats are a grave threat to freedom loving peoples. Joe Biden agreed to pay $1 billion in climate reparations to foreign nations for climate change. The world’s largest polluter, China, will pay $0. American taxpayers deserve better! […]

WaPo Accused of Trying to ‘Destroy Thanksgiving Dinner’ After Listing Holiday Foods Alongside Their ‘Climate Impact’ By JOSHUA KLEIN A recent Washington Post essay faced backlash online after listing common Thanksgiving foods and their “climate impact” in order to inform readers which of the festivity’s staples can be consumed “with a clear conscience.” The Thursday article by food columnist Tamar Haspel, titled “The climate impact of the Thanksgiving meal might surprise you,” begins with […]

Dominion Energy reportedly cutting off electricity to homes that refused ‘smart’ meters By Rebecca Barnabi Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Dominion Energy Virginia disconnected electricity to, threatened to or forced a “smart” meter on more than half a dozen households across Virginia. According to Virginians for Safe Technology, based in Fredericksburg, households are in Petersburg, Fauquier, Prince William, Fluvanna, Albemarle, Henrico and Spotsylvania counties. Customers swapped […]

Germany cutting back meat production to fight ‘global warming’ – To reduce all livestock on German farms by 50% By JAZZ SHAW Germany is still caught up in the demands of the climate change lobby to reduce its carbon footprint drastically in the coming years. One part of this initiative, similar to calls we’ve seen from activists in the United States, was a mandate to reduce all livestock on German farms by 50%. […]

‘Globalist Graft’: COP27 climate damages is just a fantasy plan to tax the West for bad weather, & grow the UN By Jo Nova Despite achieving nothing but a holiday junket for 45,000 people, COP27 has managed to eke out the usual PR “win” in the grand media theater. They have a document they call a historic breakthrough which is actually nothing but a wish list for future UN wet dreams. It’s just a “roadmap […]

UN climate summit COP27 — UN calls for ‘transformation’ of the global financial system By David Wojick  Wanting ever more money and getting very little, the UN climate agenda is now calling for the global financial system to bend to its will. I am not making this up. Here is the exact quote from the COP27 final statement, under the heading Finance: “The Conference of the Parties…Highlights that about […]