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Pelosi is mobbed by photographers like a rock star at UN COP27 climate summit in Egypt


Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in Egypt today where she is receiving rock star treatment in the press during her participation in COP27. Pelosi isn’t at home in San Francisco tending to her husband and his recovery from a brutal hammer attack to his head that fractured his skull. She isn’t in Washington, D.C. doing whatever it is she does there as the House majority hangs in the balance. Nope. She is in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt at COP27, a global climate summit.

Reporting from there says Pelosi is being mobbed by photographers at the summit. Staff and United Nations security guards have to fight to hold back “throngs” of camera crews as San Fran Gran makes her way through the conference hall. She paused briefly to speak with youth and child activists at their first COP pavilion as the press swooned. It’s always for the children, you know, as Democrats try to convince voters that wildly inappropriately large sums of money are being spent to save the earth.

According to the website, COP27’s goals include:

Inclusive, rules based and ambitious, substantive outcomes, commensurate with the challenge based on science and guided by principles building on agreements, decisions, pledges and commitments, from RIO 1992 to Glasgow 2021.

We seek to accelerate global climate action through emissions reduction, scaled-up adaptation efforts and enhanced flows of appropriate finance. We recognize that ‘just transition’ remains a priority for developing countries worldwide.

La-de-da. These conferences have been happening since 1992 and what, exactly, has been accomplished? Sure, it gives politicians and public figures and self-important people from all across the globe an excuse to hop on their private jets and go to exotic and/or luxurious locations to commiserate on how the earth is over-heating and greenhouse gas emissions are out-of-control. They return home on their private jets and then what? Well, if you are the Speaker of the House in the United States, you can attend the global summit and brag about bilking American taxpayers out of millions of dollars in certain legislation, including the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which has nothing to do with inflation and everything to do with climate change.

Pelosi spoke about the IRA and did some trashing of Republicans along the way. Shocker, I know. Remember when politics ended at the water’s edge?

Ms Pelosi led a congressional delegation in Egypt to highlight the recently-passed Inflation Reduction Act, essentially the largest piece of climate legislation in US history along with the Bipartisan Infrastructure and the CHIPS acts, also intended to accelerate the US’s transition to clean energy.

President Joe Biden is set to arrive in Sharm el-Sheikh on Friday.

At a panel discussion, hosted by the Atlantic Council on Thursday afternoon, the Speaker said that Republican colleagues had also been invited to attend Cop27 with them but “none came… unless they are going to surprise us,” she said.

Speaker Pelosi is leading a Congressional delegation to the summit. I can’t imagine why there were no Republicans who wanted to join the delegation, can you? Pelosi got some help from Rep. Kathy Castor in forewarning others about what those ignorant Republicans will do to thwart the efforts of Congressional Democrats to save the planet.

Ms Pelosi said that it was too soon to tell how the midterms would impact the US fight against climate change, highlighting that many Republicans still consider it a “hoax”.

“We have had, shall we say, a disagreement on the subject,’ she said at the event with chair of the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, Kathy Castor. ‘When Kathy had her bill on the floor, our [Republican] colleagues said why are we having this discussion, there is no climate crisis, it’s all a hoax.’

Rep Castor, who has just won re-election in her Florida district, also noted that it seemed quite likely that the GOP would take control of the House and explained the potential repercussions for tackling climate change.

“They will nix the Climate Committee, they have not really been partners in tackling the climate crisis. And it’s inexplicable because the world’s top scientists tell us we are running out of time,” she said.

She went on to say that the Inflation Reduction Act and other legislation would keep the US a leader in science and technology, a position they were “not willing to cede” to another country.

“We are one of the strongest democracies – it was a little shaky there for a while,” she added. “But our values tell us to use our God-given resources and the blessings of science and technology to help tackle this crisis. And that’s what we intend to do.”

Congressional Republicans refuse to get on board with climate alarmism? Is it like how Congressional Democrats refuse to support energy independence, including fossil fuel production? One party believes in an all-of-the-above approach to energy production and the other party does not.