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Biden to attend UN climate summit that Greta has correctly declared a ‘scam’ full of ‘greenwashing, lying & cheating’ – Morano heads to Egypt

Greta finally gets it! Greta Thunberg: UN Climate Summit COP27 is a ‘scam’ that provides an opportunity for ‘people in power’ to use ‘greenwashing, lying & cheating’

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano comments: 

“I will be attending the UN climate summit in Egypt in person and will report back on just how correct Greta is in her assessment of the UN process. President Joe Biden will also be attending. Stay tuned!

Kudos to Greta! She started out willing to travel great distances to attend these UN climate summits, but she now correctly realizes they are a ‘scam.’ Those of us opposed to the entire ‘Net Zero’ & Green New Deal agenda applaud Greta’s moment of clarity when it comes to the undeniable scam that is the UN climate process. We welcome Greta now understanding that these summits have nothing to do with the climate.  

Given the full exposure of the green energy mandate scam, this UN climate summit should be dubbed the ‘The Cover Your A$$ Summit’ as the climate activists will be furiously spinning the failure of green energy and the coming deadly blackouts as somehow Russia’s fault or the fault of the free market and a great “opportunity” to double down (on green energy failure).

At least one voice sounds sane — Greta Thunberg finally gets what the UN climate process is all about.”


Greta finally gets it! Greta Thunberg: UN Climate Summit COP27 is a ‘scam’ that provides an opportunity for ‘people in power’ to use ‘greenwashing, lying & cheating’

Greta Thunberg has described climate summits such as the Cop27 conference taking place in Egypt next week as a “scam” that is “failing” humanity and the planet by not leading to “major changes”.

The Swedish activist said people in positions of power were using the high-profile gatherings for attention and were “greenwashing, lying and cheating”. … Activists must try to “make people realize what a scam this is and realize that these systems are failing us”, she added.


Reuters: Climate activist Greta Thunberg on Sunday called out next month’s United Nations climate summit in Egypt for being “held in a tourist paradise in a country that violates many basic human rights.” Greta sees the climate summit as an opportunity for “people in power… to [use] greenwashing, lying and cheating.”


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