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‘Sabotage Is Most Effective’: Eco-Terrorism Advocate Given Platform By The New York Times – Has advocated for ‘Ecological Leninism’ By JACK MCEVOY Swedish eco-terrorism advocate Andreas Malm was featured in a New York Times guest opinion piece on Thursday where he advocated for climate activists to engage in “sabotage” to prevent the “breakdown” of the environment. Throughout his NYT essay, Malm, who is also an associate professor of human ecology at Sweden’s Lund University, […]

Climate activists who poured soup on Van Gogh’s paintings believe ‘climate change will destroy human civilization unless emergency action is taken’ By Roger Pielke Jr. 🧵 By now everyone is aware of the two young people who spilled some soup on Van Gogh’s Sunflower’s at the UK National Gallery I’ve seen a lot of debate over whether they should have, or not, or it’s effectiveness, or not, as advocacy Here I explore the WHY of @JustStop_Oil […]

Modern Climateer: ‘Veteran climate alarmists clank with more medals & awards than a North Korean general’ By Tony Thomas Australia’s veteran climate alarmists clank with more medals and awards than a North Korean general. The rising star Dr. Joelle Gergis of the ANU is doing well too, with one gong just for feeding the media chooks. Canadian sceptics spotted a howler in her big 2012 research paper ($314,000 ARC taxpayer […]

‘When governments limit drilling & mining…they manufacture scarcity’ – ‘Green’ Profits Can Only Rise if Citizens’ Freedoms Fall by J.B. Shurk When governments limit drilling and mining for hydrocarbons in the ground, they manufacture scarcity. When only certain wealthy individuals and companies can afford artificially expensive hydrocarbon energies as regular business costs, then budding entrepreneurs and small firms can no longer compete. Those at the peak of society’s wealth pyramid have a much […]

‘Scam’: Former climate change alarmist says agenda has ‘no foundation’ ‘So the bottom line is, we have no clue what’s going to really happen, so the only sensible approach is to… use solid, dependable sources of energy like coal… and not to turn off our solid, reliable energy sources for flimsy wind and solar power.’ Aerospace engineer Tom HarrisBridge City News / YouTube   […]

Climate protestors arrested after gluing themselves to floor of German Volkswagen factory – Demanded ‘a bowl to urinate or defecate in’ By BRITTANY CHAIN FOR MAILONLINE and CHRIS PLEASANCE Nine demonstrators have complained about their treatment during a protest  They glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen dealership in Germany Staff turned out the lights, switched off the heating and left them inside Activists have complained they ‘weren’t given a bowl to urinate or defecate in’ Eco-demonstrators […]