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That’s So Swampy: Biden’s Chief of Staff’s Wife Gets Diplomatic position: A plant & animal ambassador

The Biden administration has created a new diplomatic position: a plant and animal ambassador. 

Yes, you read that right. 

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Monica Medina, current Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs at the State Department, as the department’s new Special Envoy for Biodiversity and Water Resources. 

The press release reads, “Special Envoy Medina will coordinate an all-of-government effort to address these crises comprehensively – leveraging talent and expertise in the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs with resources from across federal government departments and agencies. Moreover, her designation as special envoy will strengthen the Department’s role in the implementation of the White House Water Security Action Plan and the Global Water Strategy, as well as provide high-level leadership ahead of the 2023 UN Conference on Water.”

The newly-minted diplomat tweeted, “I’m deeply honored. I can’t wait to take our #US diplomacy to the next level to conserve our incredible planet and its rich but at-risk biodiversity — and to help all the communities across the world that depend on nature.”

When the Washington Post published a glowing piece about her selection, the paper wrote her appointment “underscores the Biden administration’s desire to protect land and waters not just at home but to also conserve habitats abroad.”

Conveniently omitted from their reporting, however, was Medina’s connection to current White House Chief-of-Staff Ron Klain—her husband. 

Talk about a swampy connection. Ms. Medina has indeed worked multiple gigs across the Clinton and Obama administrations, but her being married to Klain certainly played to her advantage. 

When I highlighted Medina’s views on Twitter, Miroslava Korenha, Medina’s Our Daily Planet co-founder and current National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) senior advisor/speechwriter – said I should be ashamed of myself for podcasting the truth about Medina’s views. 

Korenha tweeted to me, “You should be ashamed of this tweet. Monica is a dedicated public servant who’s been honored for her service to this country. And if you’re reading up on her bio you missed a few dozen titles and accomplishments that make her qualifications irrefutable. Try it again.”

Funny enough, she is the wife of political turncoat Kurt Bardella—a focal point of Mark Leibovich’s This Town

Speaking of Our Daily Planet, which the new Special Envoy co-founded, the website’s mission statement says it’s “an environmental news source that was easy to consume but also broke down complicated topics, gave context, and explained how climate change is connected to social justice, national security, public health, the economy, etc.” 

Medina’s published work on the website makes clear she possesses preservationist environmental views—including her last published post entitled “Climate Change’s Impact on the Afghanistan Crisis.” 

Equally concerning about Ms. Medina is her full-fledged endorsement of the AOC-backed Green New Deal. Not only did she deliver a talk at Harvard University, but she also published several op-eds on the subject.  

In a January 2019 Huffington Post op-ed co-authored by Medina and the aforementioned Korenha, they praise the Green New Deal for inspiring “climate change optimism.”

They wrote, “The Green New Deal is a unifying political message that gets back to the basics of creating an economy that works for all people and protects the planet as a result.” 

Except for the GND, if adopted and implemented, would result in an estimated 1.4 million jobs lost and an “aggregate gross domestic product (GDP) loss of over $3.9 trillion.”

Additionally, Mrs. Ron Klain, formerly General Counsel at NOAA under the Clinton administration, elevated “Sharpie-Gate” and used it as an opportunity to trash her former employer. 

She said, “Sharpie-gate will fade but the chilling effect of this memo lives on. @NOAA leaders are disgraced and unfit to lead the agency.  @NWS Forecasters now worry about political interference. It’s a breach of trust.  @ourdailyplanet will cover it so subscribe and know #whythismatters.” 

Moreover, Medina was praised by the likes of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and has participated in events with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)—two environmental groups largely backed by Democrats.

Is there a need for this new State Department position? Hardly.

Several governmental departments and sub-agencies already address issues about wildlife conservation, public lands, and the environment. Unfortunately for us, these agencies are straying from their mission statements to appease radical environmentalist groups and activists influencing President Biden. 

Why create a role with redundant responsibilities to that of the Interior Secretary and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator? Only the Biden administration would conceive and create grifter positions—positions we should naturally question.

Ms. Medina is expected to push the Biden administration’s preservationist environmental agenda, including the deeply-flawed 30-by-30 initiative, on the global stage. That should worry true conservationists.