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Watch: Morano on Mark Steyn’s UK TV show – 2 Live Segments on The Great Reset: Morano: ‘Decisions are being made by fewer & fewer people, it’s a concentration of power at the top’

First Live Interview – Broadcast September 28, 2022 – (Also watch the below segment here: )

Mark Steyn interviews author Marc Morano on his book Great Reset which reveals some uncomfortable truths about what ‘the elites’ have in store for us.

Second Live Interview Segment – Broadcast September 29, 2022 – Watch Below – Morano segment beings at 13:00 minutes in (Also available here.)

‘Informed consent was turned on its head’ | Marc Morano on his book, ’The Great Reset’

GBNews – Sep 29, 2022 ‘The whole idea of informed consent was turned on its head.’ Marc Morano joins Mark Steyn to discuss his book ‘The Great Reset,’ which he claims is underway. Watch on TV: Virgin 604, Freesat 216, Sky 515, Freeview 236, YouView 236 Listen on DAB+ Radio

Rough Transcript Excerpts: 

Mark Steyn: Marc Morano is a best-selling author and his latest book is called the Great Reset: Global Elites and these are the words to bear in mind Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown.

Morano: if you go back decades New York Times, Tom Freeman praising China’s one party rule. Justin Trudeau saying he has great admiration for China’s basic dictatorship. The U.N climate Chief you Christina Figueres. The Obama administration officials praising China. So what happens? COVID comes along, the World Health Organization sends a sham committee to China and after two or three days they come back and say ‘If you want to know how to stop a virus follow China. Do what China is doing. So, the whole world like Lemmings jumping off a cliff. And the West started copying the most insane authoritarian response of literally of nailing people in their home while they’re wearing hazmat suits that’s what the once free West emulated. 

Morano: “If Hillary Clinton were president and she had pushed the ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ in the United States, I think there would have been a huge rebellion. I think we now know that Donald Trump was literally duped by his White House COVID advisor Deborah Birx, by Anthony Fauci. They now admit it. Deborah Birx is going around boasting and swindled the president and they knew it was never going to be ’15 days.’ So Donald Trump got into that, but had it been Hillary Clinton, I think you would have had much greater rebellion in our country from people who accepted lockdowns, because they thought okay we have this under control but unfortunately, once you started that two weeks it was almost impossible to get out of it. We had an unprecedented situation this is in human history once free West overnight shut churches, gyms, schools, businesses, curfews, stay at home orders, weddings, funerals, — but hey Walmart was open. And and big Tech profit skyrocketed. We created a new billionaire every 30 hours. It was the greatest transfer of wealth from poor and middle class to the wealthy. 

We’re still under a  9 11 emergency power act that led to the creation of the Patriot Act which gave us the surveillance State against our own citizens. Then you have COVID added we’re still under the COVID emergency.  Joe Biden keeps extending it. Joe Biden now wants to add a climate emergency declaration according to Associated Press that would give him 130 new executive powers. The Scottish government has been trying to make the pandemic powers permanent and we now have medical associations ensuring doctors can’t even do research or recommendations that are contrary to Public Health. Doctors can’t present data if it contradicts with public health. They’re trying to pass this in California. They’ve passed it in Australia. And so it’s an idea that this is going to be a new normal where the decisions are being made by fewer and fewer people it’s a concentration of power at the top. And it’s about controlling the narrative on every aspect so we are now facing thermostat controls, gas powered car bans. And here’s the key, they’re intentionally collapsing our energy our food our transportation and our free speech and once they collapse it that creates chaos then they claim the free market failed and now there’s a whole movement afoot to nationalize everything I just mentioned, food, energy, transportation, seeking a government takeover.

Morano: No one voted for gas car bans. Gov. Gavin Newsom in California issued an executive order. The California Air Resources Board, an unelected unaccountable bureaucracy, came up with the timetable the 2035 and with strict limits going up to that year. 17 States, including my home state of Virginia, have a trigger law to follow California. Biden’s transportation secretary loves the gas car ban so much they’re now looking at it as a federal mandate. The World Bank’s former president Nicholas Stern says we have to look at timetables for ending gas cars. So the World Bank is telling automakers that gas cars are ending. A bank in Australia won’t even give you a car loan if you want to buy a gas-powered car. We didn’t vote for this. They’re taking away our meat our gas-powered cars our free speech and our agriculture, forcing us to eat insects. We didn’t vote for any of this. We didn’t vote for lockdowns. We didn’t vote for mask mandates, these were all done through emergency decree, through unelected bureaucracy, that is what the Great Reset is. Think back to China One party rule,  they don’t want any stinking democracy.


Segment 2: 

Mark Steyn: Marc Morano is back for more on the Great Reset…Marc Morano is the author of this terrific new book The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown and he is back with us. Marc, we were talking about the requirement for vaccines.

Morano: All those emergency powers are what enables governments to do this to their citizens. Yes to answer your question directly. How did this happen? Why is this
vaccine allowed to be here with all these with a disproportionate adverse reaction: It’s very simple. Emergency use authorization, emergency powers. You can bypass all traditional vaccine requirements and tests. They’re doing this with all of the updates with children,  it’s all a way to bypass not only democracy, but traditional medical safety because we’re in an emergency here.
And you could also say Donald Trump, president Trump’s whole idea to rush a vaccine to market was misguided.  I know he was a private businessman who came to fame and getting things done under budget. But maybe an untested vaccine on the mass population that would later be used to mandate and force people and threaten them with their jobs — was the wrong thing to rush through. That’s something we have to look at because in the future we don’t want to be like ‘Let’s ram this thing in as fast as we can.’
You mentioned informed consent. They’re not giving you the information and you don’t have the consent that’s what they tried to take away. So that whole idea was turned on its head. Once again the premise and it goes back to what I said about emergency powers with COVID, with terrorism, with climate coming up, they
want to bypass traditional procedures democracy, medical safety, and this is the method in which they do it. They say ‘we have to do this this, it is an urgent because it’s a Public Health Crisis and it becomes a permanent crisis. 
Mark Steyn: You see across the continent these seriously collapsing fertility rates then you have reports that are now acknowledged in peer-reviewed journals, particularly in terms of women’s health that the vaccines change their periods and and have impacts on breast milk, and all the rest of it  just as a general proposition they don’t seem worried about that because they’re not into large families.
Marc Morano: No it’s if anything it’s a side benefit that they didn’t promote or think about. This is a benefit to those who worry about overpopulation, but you not only have women’s menstrual cycles being affected and — by the way that was considered misinformation you would be de-platformed, canceled, taken off all social media, no one was allowed to say that, but now it’s in the New York Times, The Washington Post, in peer-review journals —  but you have women’s cycles being interrupted but you also have men’s sperm counts dropping with the vaccine and with the boosters. So combine those two and you’re going to have lower fertility rates. Now they claim it’s a temporary effect on male fertility but again we don’t have long-term tests to know what’s temporary because this is emergency use we don’t have time. Remember, Greta Thunberg said ‘I want you to panic,’ because when you panic you do incredibly stupid, dangerous things and you play with people’s lives.
But to your point, we’ve dealt with this before, this idea of affecting feritliy, with Paul Ehrlich. A 1969 New York Times headline read, sterility drug hinted at in our water and food supply and it goes on to talk about in both Africa and the United States they wanted to add a sterility agent drug that would suppress US population growth and create less fertility, less reproduction. This was Paul Ehrlich. And then you have Jacques Cousteau, actually saying at one point we need to lose 350 000 people per day in order to bring the Earth’s population down to a reasonable level, that Earth can handle.