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Meteorologists D’Aleo & Bastardi debunk media claims about Hurricanes with data and history Data Driven Perspective on Ian and Hurricane Trends Joseph D’Aleo, CCM Ian made landfall as a strong CAT4 storm. The damage will rank among that with the past worst storms. Its’ life is not over as it will landfall again in South Carolina with rain the biggest story to come. See the trends per […]

Eco Fanatic Bill Gates Admits Scolding People to Consume Less Won’t Solve ‘Climate’ By Joseph Vazquez The same liberal billionaire who’s spending a fortune trying to get the plebeians to eat synthetic beef and quit using fossil fuels is now admitting he can’t force them to adopt eco-extremist habits. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates clapped back at eco-extremists wielding climate change as a “moral crusade” to force people […]

Watch: Morano on Mark Steyn’s UK TV show – 2 Live Segments on The Great Reset: Morano: ‘Decisions are being made by fewer & fewer people, it’s a concentration of power at the top’

First Live Interview – Broadcast September 28, 2022 – (Also watch the below segment here: ) Mark Steyn interviews author Marc Morano on his book Great Reset which reveals some uncomfortable truths about what ‘the elites’ have in store for us. Second Live Interview Segment – Broadcast September 29, 2022 – Watch Below – Morano […]