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California’s Gas Car Ban: A Blow to the Working Class, A Gift to China By JONATHAN TOBIN  Environmental activists and Democratic Party donors are cheering California’s decision last week to institute a new ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. But among those who should be cheering the loudest is the Chinese Communist Party. The big losers will be poor and working-class Americans. Car companies will adjust to whatever […]

The Great Leap Backwards: Mao-style climate cultists must be stopped By Andrew Montford IN 1958, the Chinese leader Mao Zedong launched the Great Leap Forward, a crash programme of economic modernisation that he hoped would lead the country to the promised land of communism. The intention was to transform the Middle Kingdom, the world’s most populous country, from a largely agrarian society into an […]

Analysis: The West Mimics Mao, Takes a Green Leap Forward – ‘The green scramble to transform energy is reminiscent of China’s forced industrialization’ By Helen Raleigh Steel production was a priority of the Great Leap Forward. Mao wanted China to surpass the U.K. in steel output within 15 years. Across the country, including in the village where my father lived, people tried to contribute to this goal by building small backyard furnaces. Each village had a production quota […]

WSJ: US Emissions Cuts Will be ‘Swamped’ by Indian and Chinese Growth Essay by Eric Worrall h/t M; China’s new coal capacity since Chinese Premier Xi Jinping signed the Paris Agreement almost matches the USA’s total coal capacity. China’s Coal Power Boom Beijing is building more coal-fired capacity than the rest of the world combined, U.S. climate lectures notwithstanding. By The Editorial Board Sept. 12, 2022 6:26 […]

PETA Threatens Sex Strike Unless Climate Destroying Meat is Banned – ‘A ban on sex or procreation for all meat-eating men’ PETA has demanded a ban on pork, and has threatened not to have sex with men who eat meat unless their terms are met. Ban all meat-eating men from having sex because their love of pork is killing the planet, animal rights group demands 21 September 2022, 21:46 By Will Taylor … Daniel Cox, […]

Climate protester set himself on fire at tennis match & instantly regretted it – Wore T-shirt reading ‘End UK Private Jets’ By JOHN SEXTON A UK climate protester literally put his skin in the game when he ran onto a tennis court before Roger Federer’s final match at O2 Arena in London and set himself on fire. That was surely meant as a sign of his absolute commitment to the cause but apparently no one […]