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Watch: Life-long enviro Kim Iversen now questions climate narrative due to Great Reset: ‘Historically I’ve been an environmentalist…& yet it’s even making me say I am now questioning the motivation of all of this’


Partial transcript: “This is not a conspiracy theory. They’re putting it right out there for us to see and read. That this is the future that they envision; that everything will move to robotics; that everything will be monitored; that we will be scanned; that we will be doing this in the name of saving climate; climate disasters; diseases; they mentioned. This was written before COVID-19. They’re talking about social unrest. This was written before BLM. This was written in 2016 before all of these things that we’re seeing right now.” … 

In the United States, we definitely saw COVID vaccine passports. We’re seeing the climate crisis being used — which has made many of us who have been — historically I’ve been an environmentalist that’s really where my first foray into politics was in the environmental movement and yet it’s even making me say I am now questioning the motivation of all of this. I’m not so sure certain that things are as bad as they’re claiming because I’ve seen them claim a lot of things are really bad and they’re not. They were exaggerated greatly in order to use those to make us afraid and to control us.

So this is all extremely frightening. That is a legitimate article. I will post it down below for you to read for yourself so that you can share it with other people and just have your mind absolutely blown by the fact that this stuff is being put out there for us to see. The good news is they are being pretty transparent about their motives they’re at least telling us to our face. They maybe think that we’re going to read this and say that sounds great I don’t have to work and I don’t have to worry about shopping, I don’t have to own anything if I want something it just shows up. It’s not mine it; it belongs to somebody else. Could you imagine and then you are labeled a bad citizen if they say you’re not following the rules, you’re against the government, you’re going to be banished out of our city; you’re going to go live in one of those 19th Century Villages or you’re going to go have to –you’re like out there like The Walking Dead living out outside of civilized society.

The amount of control that they could have over us it’s just one of those things where it’s like ‘Well just be a good citizen. You have nothing to worry about so as long as you don’t speak out against the government. As long as you follow all the rules. If you do those things you’re fine, so that’s just what you need to do, follow the rules, don’t speak out against your government, mind your own business, just do what we tell you to do, and then everything will be fine. Yes, you won’t have any privacy rights. You won’t own anything but you will be very, very happy. You just need to do as you’re told.’ That is the message. That is what they’re marching us towards. Thank goodness more and more people are reporting on this and waking up to this and are saying ‘No we are not going to go along with this agenda.'”

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