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Marc Morano on the Great Reset: ‘This is a very dystopian future we’re looking at — if we allow it’

Sebastian Gorka and author Marc Morano warn about how good old-fashioned communism is finding new life in covid and the green agenda

Published: September 1, 2022  |  Date of Source Audio: August 30, 2022

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Let’s talk to the man who’s educated me the most on the insanity that is the modern environmentalist movement. We’re so excited on the day of his book launch, “The Great Reset.” Marc Morano, welcome to America First One on One.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Sebastian. Happy to be here. It’s our book launch. You wrote the forward to this, so —

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: … It’s a fabulous book. It’s about the Great Reset. Let’s start at the beginning. This is just, as a British author has called, a watermelon. Is it not, Marc? This is deep, deep red socialism on the outside with a thin rind, a thin veneer of green, PC policies on the outside. Is this just a re-wrapping of things we’ve been fighting since Karl Marx wrote that book so many years ago?

Marc Morano: It absolutely is. And you’re right. The actual phrase, Great Reset, is directly related to climate change. It was after the covid lockdowns in June of 2020 that they really began this push for the Great Reset. Klaus Schwab said, we have a very “rare, narrow window of opportunity” in which to reset the world, this time in the name of climate change, you know, following the covid reset.

What they’re trying to do and I detail in the book, is they’re collapsing every current system that we have. The old normal is out. The new normal is in. In the words Vladimir Lenin in czarist Russia, “Worse is better. The worse, the better.” That the historical phrase that was attached to him. And the idea is, create as much chaos and collapse as possible in order to impose your revolutionary view and ideology.

“The old normal is out. The new normal is in.”

And that’s what we’re witnessing in energy and in transportation and in agriculture. They want food shortages, energy shortages, and vehicle, transportation shortages. They want limited mobility for the masses. That’s you and I, Sebastian. We’re the masses in this plan of the Great Reset.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: We’ll talk about the latest insanity coming out of California, and soon to be two other states of the Union as well. But talk to us about what they say they’re doing. So, we understand it as communism. In your book, the Great Reset, out today, you can see the truth behind it. But when it comes to the World Economic Forum, when it comes to the John Kerrys, the Klaus Schwabs, what are they saying they are doing? Does this fall under “social justice” and “equity”? What is the packaging they use?

Marc Morano: Their idea is, if left to our own devices, we, the unwashed masses, would create racism, white supremacy, environmental destruction, a climate crisis. That we need to be led by credentialed experts. So, it is like the socialism, Marxism of old, with one twist — it’s got a technocratic edge to it. They want to use the latest technology and surveillance to literally control us.

And the key here is, they don’t necessarily need giant standing armies in a Gestapo. They can do it through a digital way to basically “unperson” people. They can deplatform, cancel, defund you. Make you irrelevant. We had the case of the kickboxer, MMA-type fighter, who literally, because he came into cancel culture, had his Gmail canceled, his website canceled, his social media accounts canceled. They can cancel your texts, your phone service. Trump officials had their bank cards revoked from the from the credit unions. We saw how Justin Trudeau did it.

So, this is a new form of tyranny. They make you irrelevant. It’s based on a Chinese social credit system. So, it’s getting a mishmash of all the old systems and they’re essentially repackaging it into a new, more terrifying and effective digital tyranny.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka: Let’s just stop there for a second. So, the social credit system, where in China if you say the wrong thing, they can just switch off your access to air travel or to education or to mortgages, or what have you. How dangerous is this push to move towards digital currency? Meaning that we will be a cashless society, everything has to be paid electronically, you have to swipe your phone, swipe your card or whatever it is. If we have that and we have people like this Soviet trained individual that Biden nominated to be comptroller of the United States economy who said she wants to have all, all checking accounts made national, made part of the U.S. government, then we’re talking about a scenario, Marc, in which if you say the wrong thing, your capacity to even buy anything, it can be shut off centrally. This is truly Orwellian, is it not?

Marc Morano: It is. In the book, I go heavily into the digital currency aspect of this as it relates to violators of covid lockdowns, to vaccine mandates, to anyone who dissents or protests. So, first of all, in the United States, Joe Biden earlier this year issued a national central bank digital currency executive order. This is essentially to compete with any decentralized digital currency. They want to establish a national digital currency from the Federal Reserve that will literally do as you’re describing. You will only be able to spend money and participate in the economy if you are a citizen in good standing, á la Chinese social credit system.

“You will only be able to spend money and participate in the economy if you are a citizen in good standing.”

We saw this play out in real time in Justin Trudeau’s “great reset” in Canada with the Freedom Convoy. Where if you were involved in the protest, or if you even baked a cake or made bagels or delivered coffee to these protestors, you were then considered an enemy of the state. Your banking, your credit cards were cut off. Justin Trudeau, probably more than any world leader outside of China, is most willing to impose this kind of Great Reset digital banking tyranny.

And in the book, I detail how, even in African countries, different European countries, if you didn’t get the vaccine, if you didn’t follow the public health edicts, you couldn’t even get a bank card. You couldn’t withdraw cash. This is the way in which the new forms of which they’re going to control you. We’re not going to be behind a barbed-wire fence, locked up. Although, you might be in the case of Australia where they had the internment camps if you were near someone who got, you know, tested positive. Suddenly you would have to be locked up for two weeks against your will.

But by using the economic system, by using digital currency and by using the banking system, this is the new form of control. Adding to that, I have a whole section in the book about how the United Nations and MasterCard have joined up with the blessing and the approval, if you will, of the World Economic Forum to have a MasterCard that monitors your carbon footprint. The World Economic Forum gushes when this card was released that it cuts off your ability to spend money when you hit your carbon max. This is a very dystopian future we’re looking at, Sebastian, if we allow it.