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Media Push Unfounded Claim That ‘Climate Change’ Exacerbating Spread Of Diseases Sorry, Esquire, Climate Change Not Causing the Spread of Diseases By H. Sterling Burnett Citing a single new study, the corporate media was abuzz recently with stories claiming climate change is likely to cause the spread of a variety of diseases, including often deadly or debilitating insect borne diseases. This is false. The study’s claims […]

Watch: Biden Energy ‘Transition’ Czar Tells Americans To Buy Solar Panels – ‘Today you can get 30% off the price of solar panels’ Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, Once again showing how completely out of touch with reality they are, the Biden Administration’s Energy Secretary has suggested that Americans facing hardship as the cost of living spirals should buy solar panels. Appearing on Fox News, Jennifer Granholm touted so called green initiatives under the Orwellian […]

EV Owners Left Shocked After China Begins Shutting Down Charging Stations Amid Energy Shortage By Grant Atkinson Electric vehicle owners in China are learning the hard way how a power crisis can have a significant effect on their travel plans. China is facing two issues leading to a significant energy crisis, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. First, the Sichuan province is in the midst of the country’s worst drought in 60 years, making […]

Biden Shops For Critical Minerals In Canada While Shutting Down Mining Projects On American Soil BY: TRISTAN JUSTICE President Joe Biden is looking north for critical mineral supplies to meet government-inflated demand for clean-energy initiatives while the administration shuts down major mining projects on American soil. In March, the president invoked the Defense Production Act to expedite the expansion of U.S. mining operations behind lithium, nickel, cobalt, graphite, and manganese […]

Report: Wind turbines killing 1.2 TRILLION insects a year By Peter Imanuelsen So here is something that you probably never heard about. You may have heard before about wind turbines being dangerous to birds. Birds are being chopped up by the blades. But did you know that the wind turbines are killing millions upon millions of insects every year as well? In fact, […]

Mandating EVs in U.S. would require ’18 times current global production of cobalt…three quarters of lithium & half the world’s copper & rare earths. China dominates all these markets’

  Electric vehicle mandates will require massive rare-earth elements to achieve In 2018, about 5.1 million EVs were in use around the globe. That means that cutting domestic gasoline demand by a third would require the U.S. to deploy roughly 20 times as many EVs as are now being used around the world. That’s a […]

Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore rips ‘cancel culture’ of ‘climate deniers’: ‘There is no actual proof or even evidence that there is a ‘climate emergency”.

British Columbia Liberal leader Kevin Falcon recently removed MLA John Rustad from caucus after Rustad retweeted messages from CO2 Coalition board member Dr. Patrick Moore. An open letter from Dr. Moore to Kevin Falcon in response to these actions follow — CO2 Coalition (@CO2Coalition) August 27, 2022 British Columbia Liberal leader Kevin Falcon has […]