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Watch: ‘Stop this madness’ – Morano debates electric cars on China TV – EV’s ‘dig the Earth’ with mining – This is a ‘mandated controlled planned move against the wishes of average consumers’ CGTN TV – China Global Television Network – Broadcast August 12, 2022 – Morano Debates Changhua Wu, the CEO of the Beijing Future Innovation Center.    They have become a common sight in many cities around the United States. Electric vehicles – increasingly filling the streets and, in some cases, leaving the competition in […]

The 1540 Megadrought in Europe: The River Rhine ran dry, fires burned, & no one blamed coal or beef steak By Jo Nova Despite the news that the River Rhine is in a crisis due to “climate change” it has happened before, and many times.  There are rocks in European rivers called Hunger Stones where people carved messages to mark the depth of the pain in the droughts. There are historical records of the Rhine drying […]

John Kerry’s climate office rife with ties to far-left green groups By Thomas Catenacci | Fox News Special Presidential Envoy for Climate (SPEC) John Kerry’s office is filled with officials who have previously held high-ranking positions at various global green energy institutions. Kerry’s office has scooped up individuals who have had past leadership positions at groups like the United Nations Foundation, World Resources Institute, International Monetary Fund, […]

Bill Gates Approves of Biden/Manchin climate bill: ‘May be the single most important piece of climate legislation in American history’ By Benjamin Zycher August 15, 2022 Always good for a laugh, the New York Times opinion page has few peers as a dependable repository of supreme silliness. Day after day, year after year: It delivers ignorance of basic facts, bad analysis, endless non sequiturs, dishonesty by omission. All of that and more (or less) for a very […]

Skeptic wins rare climate debate in New York City: It’s Official: Warmist Andrew Dessler lost to Physicist Steve Koonin – Audience voted Koonin the winner

It's Official: Warmist Andrew Dessler lost to Physicist Steve Koonin at New York City Debate! Audience voted Koonin the winner – The Koonin-Dessler Debate – Andy May Petrophysicist — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) August 16, 2022 The Koonin-Dessler Debate by Andy May By Andy May The debate I announced here between Steve Koonin and Andy […]