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In one month of jet travel, Trudeau used enough fuel to power a trucker convoy

In July, as calculated by the National Post’s Bryan Passifiume, there were only 11 days where Trudeau was not travelling aboard the official prime ministerial jet.

In 20 trips — almost all of which were for photo ops or goodwill visits — Trudeau logged 26,238 kilometres of jet travel. This included a 5,500-km flight to spend six hours at the Calgary Stampede, and a 62-km hop between Penticton and Kelowna in order to avoid rush hour traffic.

All of the flying was done aboard a CC-144 Challenger, a Bombardier-made private jet that is the smallest of the RCAF aircraft typically used for VIP transport. For longer journeys, the prime minister will take a converted former airliner known as the CC-150 Polaris.

Nevertheless, according to Bombardier’s own statistics on average fuel burn, even if these Challenger flights had been operated at maximum fuel efficiency, they would have consumed a minimum of 33,310 litres of Jet A-1 fuel.

That’s roughly enough fuel to fill up an entire tanker truck or a large backyard pool. While jet fuel is not interchangeable with gasoline, it can be used to run diesel engines.