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‘$60 billion in climate reparations’ – Dems’ New Spending Bill Imposes Methane Tax To Fund ‘Environmental Justice’ Programs


Senate Democrats agreed Wednesday to the biggest climate spending package in U.S. history, including billions in new taxes on methane emissions that will fund “environmental justice” programs for marginalized communities.

Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin and Chuck Schumer salvaged a deal on an economic bill they dubbed “The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” that places new fees on methane emissions and devotes hundreds of billions of dollars to climate change initiatives, according to the bill’s text. The proposed legislation would place new taxes on energy firms’ methane emissions beginning in 2025, invest nearly $370 billion in “energy security and climate change” and spend billions to protect disadvantaged communities from the effects of climate change.

The package will spend $60 billion on protecting low-income areas and communities of color that are more affected by environmental pollution. The bill will also offer large sums of money to the green industry, including direct-pay options to support domestic green energy manufacturers over the next five years. (RELATED: ‘This Is An American Bill’: Joe Manchin Defends New Reconciliation Package)

“Somehow the ‘solutions’ to climate change have morphed into including $60 billion in climate reparations in the name of ‘equity,’” Marc Morano, Climate Depot publisher and former U.S. Senate senior staff on Environment & Public Works Committee, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Anyone who drinks milk or eats meat will now be paying reparations. Will the $60 billion actually help solve racism? Anyone who thinks this climate bill has anything to with the climate has not been paying attention.”