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European heat wave in some perspective: ‘Nothing particularly unusual about the 2022 heat wave’ – ‘Natural variability of the atmosphere was the proximate cause of the warmth’

On July 19th, the only extremely hot day of the summer so far in The Netherlands, the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) was quick to claim that extreme temperatures in The Netherlands are now 4 degrees higher than a century ago.  This claim was challenged by climate blogger en researcher Rob de Vos: “The KNMI is unnecessarily spreading climate fear. One of the ways it does this is by using outdated and incorrect homogenised data, which it has promised to reanalyze in the short term.”

De Vos is co-author of a scientific paper, funded and supported by CLINTEL, that showed that the homogenisation of temperature data that KNMI carried out in 2016, was incorrect. “With statements such as “Warm days are already 4 degrees warmer than before“, the KNMI is ignoring recent scientific insight.”

Read the full article by De Vos: here


There is a lot of talk about the recent European heat wave with some suggesting that the record-breaking warmth is the result of climate change. But, according to an article on the Cliff Mass Weather Blog “the bottom line is that the recent European heat wave was caused by an amplification of the northern hemisphere wave pattern, with global warming contributing perhaps 5-10% of the warmth. Natural variability of the atmosphere was the proximate cause of the warmth and does not represent an existential threat to the population of Europe.”

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Dr. Ralph Alexander argues  that “while sizzling temperatures in Europe have captured the attention of the mainstream media, recent prolonged bouts of cold in the Southern Hemisphere have gone almost unnoticed. Based on history alone, there’s nothing particularly unusual about the 2022 heat wave in Europe or the shivery winter down under, which included the coldest temperatures on record at the South Pole. Although both events have been attributed to climate change by activists and some climate scientists, natural explanations have also been put forward.”

Read the full article by Alexander: here