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LinkedIn Bans Scientist for Presenting Inconvenient Truths About CO2 By Linnea Lueken – The big-tech censors are at it again: the CO2 Coalition’s Executive Director Gregory Wrightstone has been permanently banned from LinkedIn. What did Wrightstone do to earn the banishment? His “crime” consisted of posting charts from peer reviewed research supported by official sources demonstrating that current global average CO2 levels are well […]

Watch: The Great Reset & the UN’s New Slavery. Morano with Sebastian Gorka One on One

Sebastian talks to Marc Morano, the founder of, about how the U.N. and other globalist forces are trying to use global warming as an excuse to fundamentally alter human society and take away our rights. Tune in to America First with Sebastian Gorka, Weekdays 3PM-6PM EST. Subscribe to the America First podcast on iTunes: […]

Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on energy & food chaos: ‘This is a war against modern civilization’ – World Economic Forum & UN seek ‘controlling humans’

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Broadcast July 12, 2022 – Fox News Channel   # Via Daily Beast & Yahoo News: By William Vaillancourt Daily Best Excerpt: Carlson began by discussing the ongoing public revolt against political leaders in Sri Lanka amid food and fuel shortages. The protests are the result of a combination of factors including excessive government borrowing, heavy […]

Philanthropic foundations failing to act on climate change: report BY SHARON UDASIN While philanthropic leaders overwhelmingly cite climate change as a pressing issue, the efforts of their foundations to actually address climate change remain limited, a new report has found. About 60 percent of foundation and nonprofit administrators surveyed said they believe climate change is an “extremely urgent problem,” but only […]