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Hurricane risk is real for offshore wind By David Wojick My regular readers know that I have been fussing about the threat of hurricanes destroying proposed Atlantic coast offshore wind arrays. The issue arises because the offshore wind industry is based in Europe, which does not get hurricanes. My focus has been Dominion’s massive project off Virginia, but the […]

Study: Sea level rise due to land subsidence caused by groundwater extraction — NOT global warming By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander Rising sea levels are all too often blamed on climate change by activists and the media. But a recent research study has revealed that, while much of sea level rise in coastal cities is indeed due to human activity, the culprit is land subsidence caused by groundwater extraction, […]

Climate Science Establishment Finally Admits Some Models Run Too Hot By Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander The weaknesses of computer climate models – in particular their exaggeration of global warming’s impact – have long been denied or downplayed by modelers. But in a recent about-face published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, a group of prominent climate scientists tell us it’s time to “recognize […]

Soaring Global Coal Use Is Obliterating Emission Reductions Achieved in the U.S. Since 2005 By Robert Bryce The global energy crisis has resulted in a spasm of energy realism and plain talk. Last week, Vaclav Bartuška, the Czech Ambassador-at-Large for energy security, told a group of reporters that “If there is a gas cut out this winter, we will burn anything we can to keep our people warm and to make […]

Biden is Band-Aiding Again: This Time With a Gasoline Tax Holiday BY IER President Biden is grasping at straws to reduce gasoline prices because he refuses to let the American people have access to oil and gas on their lands or modify regulations to encourage new refineries to be built. Instead, he has asked Congress to pass a gasoline tax holiday lifting the 18.4 cent […]

We have to get rid of the 1930s EPA heatwave records! Warmist Prof. Andrew Dessler tries to erase 1930s heatwaves – Seeks to ‘change’ definition of heatwave

Climate Activist Professor Dessler seeks to eliminate record-breaking 1930s EPA heatwave chart No Andy, EPA Are Not Cherry Picking By Paul Homewood Andy “Don’t Believe The Data” Dessler claims that the EPA heatwave index is cherry-picked, because it is based on 90th percentiles: He prefers 95% percentiles, which he claims are not […]

EU Says Africa Should Stop Buying Russian Fertilizer — But Can’t Make It Themselves – Fertilizer production in Africa ‘would clash with EU green goals’ BY TYLER DURDEN In an attempt to encourage African nations to stop buying Russian fertilizer, the European Union developed a working plan that would help then develop their own fertilizer plants. The draft, dated June 15 and prepared by aides of European Council President Charles Michel, was to be presented at a summit of EU […]

Goodbye, climate agenda! Fracking could restart in weeks in Britain – ‘Use all the tools at our disposal to ensure our energy security’ Fracking could restart in weeks as crunch report into reopening drill sites due in days 27 June 2022 1) Fracking debate set to prise open Tory party cracks The Sunday Times, 26 June 2022 2) Fracking could restart in weeks as crunch report into reopening drill sites due in days The Sun, 24 […]