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Rolling Blackouts Could Creep Eastward By Maxwell Newman With energy costs rising, a hotter than expected summer, and an aging electric grid, experts are warning that rolling blackouts commonly seen in California may spread to the rest of the country, even to New York. A leading regulatory authority that oversees the national power grid, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation […]

Rolling blackouts are just part of the plan – ‘The left is executing its long-held agenda to put us back in the dark ages’

Rolling blackouts are just part of the plan. — American Thinker (@AmericanThinker) June 2, 2022 What’s going on with electric power in the United States? By Mac Madden I keep hearing about possible blackouts in the Midwest coming this summer.  Even Texas is expecting rolling blackouts.  This is an energy state with abundant natural gas.  I have seen blackouts due […]

Biden will use executive powers to kickstart America’s solar power sector – Invokes Defense Production Act Joe Biden will use his executive powers to kickstart the US solar power sector and waive tariffs from four Southeast Asian countries, sources revealed. The president will declare a 24-month tariff exemption after an investigation froze imports from key foreign suppliers and stalled projects. The moves come amid concern about the impact of the Commerce Department’s […]