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100% Green Energy Could Destroy the Planet By Stephen Moore The untold story about “green energy” is that it can’t possibly be scaled up to provide anywhere near the energy to replace fossil fuels. (Unless we are headed back to the stone ages, which is what some of the “de-growth” advocates favor). Right now, the United States gets about 70% of […]

Putin Plots to Win Game of Chicken with EU over Oil & Gas Sanctions By Jerome Corsi The EU’s decision to impose a sixth sanction package on Russia calling to ban 90 percent of Russian crude oil imports by the end of 1922 reflects a questionable wager. The EU has decided to bet that the economic pain inflicted upon Russia by cutting off Putin’s lucrative oil exports to the EU […]

Biden’s Blood Panels: Suspect Solar Panel Imports ‘built on the blood of persecuted Chinese minorities’ by Eric Worrall h/t ResourceGuy; Will President Biden’s Green Revolution be built on the blood of persecuted Chinese minorities? President Biden has moved to suspend restrictions imposed by the US Commerce Department, after tariffs were imposed following an accusation that Chinese manufactured components are being secretly incorporated into third party products. Solar stocks jump after […]

Gas Prices Highest In The Blue States Gas prices are now officially twice as high as they were when Trump left office – $2.39 a gallon in January 2021, versus $4.85 national average this weekend. Every fill-up of the minivan is now roughly $35 more expensive. But what isn’t well known is that most of the states with the highest gas […]

Arctic sea ice showing some resiliency since low-point in 2012 Arctic sea ice extent is running at levels in the middle of the pack since the 1980’s to the present time period as measured by satellite observations. Plot courtesy EUMETSAT OSI SAF Overview Arctic sea ice extent has been running at below-normal levels since the middle 1990’s at which time there was a shift […]

Watch: Morano talking his new book, The Great Reset on Gorka’s America First show

Beating the Great Reset. Marc Morano with Sebastian Gorka One on One Broadcast June 6, 2022 Sebastian talks to Climate Depot’s Marc Morano about the biggest lies of the “green energy” lobby, how the radical environmentalists want to use COVID-like lockdowns in the name of “global warming,” and more. Tune in to America First with […]

Analysis: US infrastructure is nowhere near ready for Biden’s electric vehicle timeline – Seeks expansion of current EV production of 3-4% to 50% by 2030 U.S. policymakers are going all-in on electric vehicles (EVs), but the supporting infrastructure will require vast upgrades to be ready for the giant changeover. President Biden recently announced an objective of increasing U.S. EV production to 50 percent of the U.S. fleet by 2030. It’s a very aggressive goal. Current production sits at just 3-4 percent. Even to reach […]

Biden tucked $500million bid to build more electric vehicles into the Ukraine aid bill Both Biden and Ukrainian leaders had said that the $40 billion emergency aid package was essential for Ukraine’s war against Russia Tucked into that package was half a billion dollars to be allocated under the Defense Production Act to companies obtaining critical battery minerals  That’s in addition to the $750 million DOD was authorized […]